Operational Updates


January Specials at the Selkirk Cafeterias
The Ripple Cafe on the Castlegar Campus, the Glacier Cafe on the Silver King Campus and the cafeteria at the Tenth Street Campus are all now back and serving up great food for January.—January 13, 2015
February Specials at the Selkirk Cafeterias
The February lunch specials at the Ripple Cafe (Castlegar Campus) and Glacier Cafe (Silver King Campus) have now been set. All kinds of great specials to go along with the regular offerings.—February 3, 2015
College Pension Plan Statement Distribution
For those contributing to the College Pension Plan (not the Municipal Pension Plan), the 2014 Member’s Benefit Statement distribution will commence at the end of January, 2015. You can anticipate receiving your member benefit statement no later than February 27, 2015.—January 30, 2015
March Specials at the Selkirk Cafeterias
The March lunch specials at the Ripple Cafe (Castlegar Campus) and Glacier Cafe (Silver King Campus) have now been set. All kinds of great specials to go along with the regular offerings.—February 25, 2015
Bookstore Staff Prepare for Annual Inventory
Annual inventory closures will be taking place at the bookstores on the Castlegar Campus and Tenth Street Campus and Silver King Campus. Staff will be conducting the process over several days.—March 5, 2015
Cafeteria Specials for April
The Winter Semester is winding down and it's your last month to taste the wonderful specials being offered at the Castlegar Campus (Ripple Cafe) and Silver King Campus (Glacier Cafe). Starting May 1st the cafeteria on both of the Selkirk College campuses will switch to the summer menus, so take advantage while you can.—April 7, 2015
New System for Computer Restarts
Did you know restarting your computer daily is good for your PC? Restarting a computer closes all the files and applications you have been running and gives your machine a fresh start. More importantly, it protects your PC by installing Windows Updates. Without a restart, your machine doesn't have the full protection it needs.—February 20, 2015
A Reminder About Selkirk's Scent Free Initiative
The Human Resources Department is sending out a reminder of the Selkirk College policy of providing a scent-free campus. There have been some complaints received recently and it would be great if instructors could pass it along to students.—March 3, 2015
Selkirk Cafeterias Still Open in May
The Selkirk College Food Services Department is still working hard to ensure students and staff have the energy to get their work done in the month of May. Both the Ripple Café (Castlegar Campus) and Glacier Café (Silver King Campus) are open this month. The Tenth Street Campus cafeteria is now closed.—May 4, 2015
Policy Review Feedback Requested From The College Community
Policy 6000: Standards of Employee Conduct and Conflict of Interest, Policy 6410: Working Alone, Policy 6420: Occupational Health and Safety, Policy 6430: Lock Out, Policy 6435: Lock Down, Policy 6570: Exit Interviews, and Policy 9610: Mobile Phone are new or modified policies needing to be reviewed and feedback provided by the college community. The Policy Review Committee reviews existing policy on a regular basis in order to incorporate your input and to ensure that written policy reflects actual practice.—May 25, 2015
Become a Member of the Education Council
Looking for an opportunity to be involved in educational governance? Becoming a member of Education Council can provide this avenue. The 2015 election procedure for SCFA, BCGEU and Exempt staff members has been set to commence on May 11, 2015.—April 13, 2015
Cafeteria Specials for June
The Selkirk College Food Services Department is still working hard to ensure students and staff have the energy to get their work done in the month of June. Both the Ripple Café (Castlegar Campus) and Glacier Café (Silver King Campus) are open this month. The Tenth Street Campus cafeteria is now closed.—June 2, 2015
End of VHS Support at Selkirk College
This summer, IT Services will be pulling VHS players from classrooms on all campuses. If you still use Library VHS material in your classroom and wish to continue using it in the future, please contact the Library as soon as possible. Arrangements will need to be made to assist you in replace the material.—April 2, 2015
Vaping Added to No Smoking Policy
An amendment has been made to Selkirk College policy #6330, the No Smoking Policy. The word "vaping" has been added to the policy to include restrictions on electronic cigarettes.—March 10, 2015
Password Help Line Now Available
If you are having any computer access issues including logging in to your computer, accessing your email, MySelkirk, or Moodle, there is now another friendly voice ready to provide you with the service you need. IT Services is pleased to announce its new IT Password Help Line for all password issues.—March 3, 2015
Cafe Food Vending Machines Add New Options
Selkirk College and the Food Services Department are pleased to introduce the new cafe food vending machines. Everything that is great about the wholesome, fresh and tasty food offered in the cafeterias will now be available for you to purchase after hours and on weekends at all three campus locations.—August 11, 2015
September Specials at the Selkirk Cafeterias
The Selkirk College cafeterias are back in the regular routine for the Fall Semester and there is once again plenty to get your taste buds excited about. The Ripple Café (Castlegar), Glacier Café (Silver King) and Tenth Street Campus cafeteria are all ready to help keep you going with tremendous lunch offerings and snacks at any time.—September 17, 2015
New Process for Employee Reimbursements
The Finance Department is improving its service to help get your reimbursement to you faster. To accomplish this, the department is moving to an “electronic deposit” system for all vendors including employee reimbursements. This includes payments such as travel advances, mileage reimbursement and cheque requisitions.—June 2, 2015
Changes to the College Pension Plan
There have been two important developments with the College Pension Plan (BCGEU, SCFA and Exempt) that impact your retirement savings. Take a moment to find out more and see how the changes will impact you.—August 6, 2015
A Refresher on Purolator Shipments
Some important information about Purolator courier shipments coming out of Selkirk College. Please take a minute to ensure the proper process is being followed.—June 4, 2015
Manage Your Benefits Plan On the Go
Manulife Financial has just released a mobile app that lets you manage your benefits on your smartphone or tablet which now makes it easier to keep a handle on it.—May 4, 2015
Check Out the Opportunities in Updated PD Handbook
Professional development is vital to remain current in one’s discipline and helps improve skills that lead to more rewarding outcomes. Selkirk College encourages all employees to seek out professional development opportunities throughout the year and provides funds to help make it happen.—August 6, 2015
October Specials at Selkirk Cafeterias
We're in the swing of the fall semester now! The cafeterias at the Castlegar Campus, Silver King Campus and Tenth Street Campus are in full swing with great lunch specials and go-to offerings which will help keep the energy up.—September 30, 2015
A Reminder About Purchasing Procedures
Selkirk College Manager of Finance Andrea Hall and Buyer Jocelyn Templeman would like to take this opportunity to remind staff of some of the procedures for acquiring goods or services for the College. All acquisitions are governed by the Acquisition of Goods and Services policy, and our Employee Code of Conduct also has some important relevance to how we go about College procurements.—April 13, 2015
Canada Savings Bonds Opportunity in October
The Selkirk College Payroll Department would like to make staff aware of the opportunity to take advantage of a plan that gets you into Canada Savings Bonds. The Payroll Savings Program allows you to have a set amount automatically deducted from your pay and transferred into a plan.—October 6, 2015
Changes to Travel Reimbursement Policy
Policy 9400: Travel – Reimbursement of College Business Expenses was approved at the last Policy Review Committee (PRC) meeting. The final version of the policy contained an additional clause (Section T) that was not in the version sent to the College community for comment/feedback earlier. —October 13, 2015
Lunch Specials for November
The Selkirk College cafeterias are a great place to fuel up for the afternoon. The Food Services team has once again produced a great calendar of culinary offerings that will make life on campus that much more interesting.—November 2, 2015
Staff Massage Chair Now Free
If you need to take a break from a stressful day and recharge your batteries, the Staff Development & Wellness Committee has an answer. Located on the Castlegar Campus beside the gym (U15), the Staff Wellness Room comes stocked with a massage chair. The room is intended to give staff space to take a private moment.—October 13, 2015
Tips for a Healthy and Safe 2015
The Human Resources and Health & Safety departments would like to ask you to take a few minutes to focus your attention on Selkirk College and our Safety objectives for the 2015. The goal is to continue to have a workplace that is committed to being safe and fostering a workplace that takes a shared responsibility to our own safety and that of our co-workers. —January 13, 2015
Lunch Specials for December
December is a busy time of the year and packing a lunch can be hassle. If you are looking for a tasty option that allows for others to do the heavy lifting, the cafeterias on the Castlegar Campus and Silver King Campus are here for you.—December 1, 2015
Budget Development Process Begins
The 2016-2017 Selkirk College budget development process has begun and you now have the opportunity to get involved in providing input.—November 30, 2015