Operational Updates


Disability Services Procedural Changes

Welcome Back!


Welcome back and thank you for your support of our students with disabilities.  Our students with disabilities may require accommodations while attending college.  Accommodation forms will be given to instructors by the Disability Service (DS) Coordinator/student over the next days/weeks.

A reminder, that this past year Disability Services introduced a new procedure.  This procedure gives faculty a formal opportunity to provide feedback regarding the recommended accommodations listed in students’ accommodation forms. Each student’s accommodation form will be sent to the student’s instructors by the DS Coordinator. The form will list the student’s eligible accommodations as well as a timeframe by which any feedback from faculty needs to be received. Please review the accommodations listed carefully.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the Disability Service Coordinator listed on the form to discuss. If no feedback is received within the timeframe listed on the form, the DS Coordinator will implement the accommodations. Instructors are encouraged to contact the DS Coordinator throughout the term if issues arise in accommodating our students.

Disability Coordinator Contacts

  • Glynn Woodburn - Silver King Campus, Local 13205 - Disability Service Coordinator for Silver King Campus, Tenth Street and KSA Campuses.
  • Trish Foy - Castlegar Campus, Local 21380 - Disability Service Coordinator for the Castlegar & Trail Campuses, Nakusp, Kaslo and Grand Forks Extension Centres.

Thank you for your assistance in ensuring an accessible learning environment for our students, and have a great semester.


For more information contact our Disability Service Coordinators, Glynn Woodburn or Trish Foy.