Operational Updates


Policy review feedback requested from the College Community
Two policies, 6120: Employee Relocation and 8621: International Education Abroad, have been updated and need to be reviewed and feedback provided by the college community. The Policy Review Committee reviews existing policy on a regular basis in order to incorporate your input and to ensure that written policy reflects actual practice.—September 25, 2013
Have an idea for a new Work Study Position?
The Financial Aid office is now accepting proposals for new Work Study Positions.—August 7, 2013
Policy Review Feedback Requested From The College Community
Two policies, 8611: Admissions (revised draft) and 8620: Student Probation (new draft), have been updated and created and need to be reviewed with feedback provided by the College Community. The Policy Review Committee reviews existing policy on a regular basis in order to incorporate your input and to ensure that written policy reflects actual practice. —November 21, 2013
Quick Guide For New Phones
It seems the instructions first sent out were not working properly so we have updated our list and now have a document you can use called Common Phone Tasks (pdf) included in this message. It includes users how to guide on; access voice mail from home, transfer your local to another phone, check voice mail from another extension, conference call and how to change user name for voicemail.—September 26, 2013
Human Resources Are Embarking On A New Project
The Human Resources departments of seven BC rural colleges are embarking on a new project to create a website that will market the positive attributes of working at BC’s rural colleges. A working group with representatives from each of the seven colleges has been established and is headed up by a project management team at DAY Communications.—September 9, 2013
Pleased to Announce the Ministry Report For Jobs
We are pleased to report that the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism, and Skills Training has approved two of our funding proposals through the Employment Skills Access program. We have been approved to run one Administrative Skills Training program in Trail and two Professional Driver Training Class 1 programs in Castlegar.—July 11, 2013
Castlegar Campus Boiler Replacement Project
The original boiler plant used for space heating at the Castlegar campus is being replaced. This very necessary infrastructure upgrade will both add to the quality of student and staff life and significantly reduce the college’s carbon foot print.—August 28, 2013
BCcampus Study on Student Services
This report will give you a detailed report on the Purpose of the Survey; Who We Are; Method; and Duration and Respondents to this Student Services Survey Result. This will also explain to you many answers to questions asked by people going online to B.C. Post Secondary Institutions as well as detailed percentage rates of pertinent information that we would all want to read about.—August 6, 2013
Facilities Access Over the Holiday Closure
In accordance with our past practice, the College will observe statutory holidays the same as Provincial Government offices. The College will close to the public on MONDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2013 at 1630 hrs and will reopen on THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 2014. January 2nd and 3rd are considered regular work days. Classes will commence on January 6th.—December 16, 2013
FYI Admissions and Financial Aid Have Been Affected
FYI to all employees this is to advise you that we had another failure in the water line located near the admin building. Our custodians noticed the leak close to the end of their shift last night and were able to contact us to get the water shut off. —September 6, 2013
Library Service Interruption July 29-31, 2013
The Selkirk College Library will be upgrading its server from July 29th - 31st. During this period there will be some disruptions in service. We aim to be back to regular operations on August 1, 2013. We appreciate your patience.—July 10, 2013
Request Moodle Course
A Moodle Course Request process is now in place. The new process will enable us to meet the Ministry of Education requirements of maintaining students grades and activities for a minimum of six months; Selkirk’s need to retrain data in the event of student appeals or retrieval of missing grades, and will also help manage the ever increasing number of Moodle sites.—April 23, 2014
Disability Services Procedural Changes
Welcome back and thank you for your support of our students with disabilities. Our students with disabilities may require accommodations while attending college. Accommodation forms will be given to instructors by the Disability Service (DS) Coordinator/student over the next days/weeks.—August 29, 2013
Cafeteria Open Until July 19th, 2013
The Selkirk College Cafeteria will be open only until July 19th. We aim to be back to regular operations in September, 2013. We truly appreciate your patience.—July 11, 2013
Silver King and Castlegar Surplus Sale Updates
The Purchasing Department has announced Silver King Campus is also holding a cash and carry surplus furniture sale. Couches, tables, desks are amongst the 11 items on offer. The sale is on a first-come, first-served, exact cash only, carry out basis. Items from last week's Castlegar sale are going fast.—April 29, 2013
System Wide Upgrade on Phone System
Wednesday December 18, 2013 starting at 6:00 PM until completed, IT will be performing a system wide upgrade on the phone system. Phone service will be disrupted for short periods of time during the upgrade. —December 18, 2013
Number of Complaints on System Log In and Moodle Access
A number of "complaints" have been filed with IT Services over issues with their system logins and Moodle access. This is a copy of the letter sent to all student this year in preparation for their return to Selkirk.—September 9, 2013