Operational Updates


Photo for Reminder of Scent Safe Policy At Selkirk

Reminder of Scent Safe Policy At Selkirk

Selkirk's Scent Safe Policy is a request to voluntarily refrain from, or reduce the use of, chemical-based scented products, not a ban on scented products. 

To help communicate and enforce this initiative, we ask that you inform students that the college has a Scent-Safe Initiative. 

Help do Your Part...Talk To Your Class

It would be helpful for you to remind students of the program at the first class of each term.

Please ask your classes to become part of the solution and stop wearing scented products to your class or anywhere on campus.

If the situation persists, discreetly approach the student wearing the scent to explain the reason for the policy and what kind of reaction(s) that fragrances can trigger.

Policy Endorsement Cards


Should you require, we can provide endorsement cards that you could hand out to the students who continue to disregard the initiative, please contact Arleen Gallo