Operational Updates


Holiday Groceries For Students

Professional Cook 1 students are now making gluten free bread and some wheat free products. In addition to a variety of wheat-based baked goods, the students are excited to be able to offer wheat free biscuits for soup, as well as wheat-free cookies and scones.

We are happy to take orders for these products with a minimum two days notice. Contact Freida or Nadeen at 250.505.1372 to place your order.

  • Gluten free sandwich loaf $5
  • Organic spelt beer bread $5
  • Organic spelt dinner buns $4/dozen
  • Gluten free hamburger buns $5.50/half-dozen
  • Organic spelt sourdough baguette: $2.75
  • Organic spelt hamburger buns $5/half dozen
  • Gluten free dinner buns $4.50/dozen