Welcoming New Selkirk College Team Members

Pre-Semester Event Provides Key Information


The annual New Employee Welcome was held on September 2 with all the fresh faces on Selkirk College campuses and centres getting together. Pushed onto Zoom due to the Interior Health restrictions on public gatherings, it was a day to learn more about life at Selkirk College.

Though some of the new employees have been here for a while—the event includes all those hired in the last 12 months—it was a great way to learn more about our new team members. Below is a list of all the latest hires, their positions and where they are based.

new employee welcome

The New Employee Welcome group photo is generally captured on-campus, but do to pandemic gathering restrictions a Zoom screengrab must suffice.

With the barbecue portion of the day cancelled, please make sure to provide a warm welcome to the people helping make Selkirk College a wonderful place to work and learn!

  • Tommy Lerose – Millwright/Machinist Program relief instructor (Nelson)
  • Suzanne O’Dell – Health Care Assistant Program instructor (Nakusp & Nelson)
  • James Newman – Health Care Assistant Program instructor (Nakusp & Nelson)
  • Elizabeth Zeibin – Health Care Assistant Program instructor (Nakusp & Nelson)
  • Kim Pham – Co-Op Education & Employment Services faculty assistant (Castlegar)
  • Tara Martin – Health Care Assistant Program instructor (Castlegar & Trail)
  • Regan Wright – Health Care Assistant Program instructor (Castlegar & Trail)
  • Victoria Prokhorova – Instructional assistant, learning systems (Castlegar, Nelson, Trail)
  • Jana Popoff – English Language Program relief instructor (Castlegar)
  • Murray Peglar – English Language Program relief instructor (Castlegar)
  • Melinda Fair – School of Hospitality & Tourism instructor (Nelson)
  • David Havemann – School of Hospitality & Tourism instructional assistant (Nelson)
  • Chris Parnell – Cafeteria Operations instructional assistant (Nelson)
  • Brier Albano – Registrar (Castlegar)
  • Laurie Langille – VP of Students & Advancement executive assistant (Castlegar)
  • Julia Hein – Human Resources Advisor (Castlegar)
  • Heather Bishop – VP College Services executive assistant (Castlegar)
  • Laura Neigel – Health & Safety coordinator (Castlegar)
  • Mariah Black – Payroll clerk (Castlegar)
  • Lisa-Ann Parker (Rutter) – Bookstore coordinator (Castlegar)
  • Gina Seki – Event services coordinator (Castlegar)
  • David White – Equipment & van fleet coordinator (Castlegar)
  • Chris Parker – Equipment & van fleet coordinator (Castlegar)
  • Christopher “Riley” Bezooyen – Tool room attendant (Nelson)
  • Mark Howlett – Tool room attendant (Nelson)
  • Simon Ouellette – Tool room attendant (Nelson)
  • Ilkay Cakirogullari – Selkirk International cultural assistant (Nelson)
  • Xochitl Donaji Faustino Montoya – Selkirk International cultural assistant (Nelson)
  • Sara Markin – Accessibility coordinator (multi campus)
  • Ewnet Demisse – Health Campus coordinator (Castlegar)
  • Sara McEwen – Rural Pre-Medicine Program research and evaluation lead (Castlegar)
  • Sarah-Patricia Breen – Regional Innovation Chair in Rural Economic Development (Castlegar)
  • Roisin Seifert – Anthropology instructor (Castlegar)
  • Cameron Stewart – School of the Arts faculty assistant (Nelson)
  • Mark Morpurgo – School of Business accounting instructor (Castlegar)
  • Bo Zhang – School of Business accounting instructor (Castlegar)
  • Lucas Spielman – Selkirk Technology Access Centre faculty assistant (Trail)
  • Erin Handy – Applied Research & Innovation Centre faculty researcher (Trail)
  • Bruce Fitz-Earle – Digital Fabrication & Design Program instructor (Trail)
  • Ali Nasseri – Engineering Program instructor/coordinator (Castlegar)
  • Carmine Murano – School of Business management instructor (Castlegar)
  • Mirwais Nazar Mohammed – School of Business accounting instructor (Castlegar)
  • Ruth Cordiner – Education Assistant & Community Support Worker Program instructor (Castlegar)
  • Natalie Sawyer – Nursing Program instructor (Castlegar)
  • Jennifer Preston – Nursing Program instructor (Castlegar)
  • Cheralynne Kennedy – Nursing Program instructor (Castlegar)
  • Nathaniel Wilkinson – Psychology instructor (Castlegar)
  • Dylan Tripp – Forest Technology instructor (Castlegar)
  • Tenai Scott – Web Development Program faculty assistant (Nelson)
  • Catherine McIntosh – Digital Arts Program instructor (Nelson)
  • Peter Ryan – Digital Arts Program instructor (Nelson)

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