Project Aurora Takes Team Effort

A Multitude of Staff Shuffles and Changes Required


With the arrival of 2019, Project Aurora will continue to be a priority project at Selkirk College as the transition into the enterprise-wide change to our core support systems and business processes moves forward. It’s truly a college-wide project that will have a positive impact on all staff and students.

Moving the college out of an outdated system and into a new era has come with challenges, but also plenty of opportunities for staff in many departments. People have been moving around as different stages of Project Aurora takes priority. In order to ensure continuity of service, many others have been hired.

As the project moves towards completion, just prior to the holiday break, the Selkirk College Communications Team stopped in at different departments to snap some group photos. The hope is to put faces to the names of the folks who are currently working in each department. All of these changes are certainly not a direct result of Project Auora, but it’s always nice to see who is currently taking care of business in different areas.

Below you will find photos of departments that have seen some recent changes. Some of the people are new, some are veterans and all are part of making Selkirk College tick on a daily basis!

Teams - Finance

FINANCE: (L-R) Robin Gilbertson, Cathy Saprikin, Selena LePage, Alexandra Hadfield and Jodi Barlow.

Teams - Financial Aid

FINANCIAL AID: (L-R) Teresa Dolan, Denise Pappin and Crystal Shullman.

Teams - HR

HUMAN RESOURCES: (back L-R) Emily Moorhead, Tina Castellarin, Dana Spoklie, Jodie Reay; (middle L-R) Eliza Green, Paula Quist, Donna Drover; (front L-R) Devin Fear, Stacey Matthews, Michele Laurin, Trina Sutherland and Barry Aadum.

Teams - IT Castlegar

IT CASTLEGAR: (back L-R) Jerome Brule, Lawrence Perepolkin, Len Grayson, James Wallin; (middle L-R) MaryAnn Keeler, Niki Menard, Ian Hickingbotham, Harley Palmer; (front L-R) Marco Biermann, Tracy King, Crystal LeBlanc and Mark Farnum.

Teams - IT Nelson

IT NELSON: (L-R) Andrew Galt, Kevan Woodcock, Ken Anderson and Martin Fedec.

Teams - Mailroom

PURCHASING and MAILROOM: (L-R) Lisa Maloff, Cathy Saprikin, Carol Chernenkoff, Jocelyn Templeman and Lareena Rilkoff.

Teams - Registrar

REGISTRAR’S OFFICE: (back L-R) Natasha Makortoff, Carol Ridge, Melissa Thorne; (middle L-R) Jim O’Meara, Ashley Engel, Raquel Mayorga Gavilanes, Sawyer Thor-Larsen; (front L-R) Krista Mannle, Rachel Walker, Elewyn Epp.

Please note that capturing team photos is a challenge and despite our efforts, some staff members might be missing from these photos.

To find out more information about Project Aurora—which by the way stands for A Unified Renewal of Related Applications—head to a background page at MySelkirk to discover all you need to know.

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