New Sound Panels Going Up in The Pit

Local Talent Plus Local Materials Equal Awesome Outcome


The more raucous days on the Castlegar Campus will soon return and when learners once again fill The Pit with study sessions, small talk and laughter, the din will be diminished thanks to the skills of Facilities Maintenance Tech Bob Kalmakoff.

A Red Seal carpenter and joiner, Kalmakoff’s talents can be seen all across Selkirk College’s campuses and learning centres. His latest project is the gorgeous soundproof panels that were installed in the Castlegar Campus’s main gathering spot in early-April.

A skilled woodworker, Maintenance Team member Bob Kalmakoff with some of the 32 soundproof panels he built for The Pit on the Castlegar Campus.

“It’s cool to know that these panels are something that will be here for a long time,” says Kalmakoff, who is now in seventh year with the Selkirk College maintenance team. “These cement posts have been left untouched for more than 50 years, so it’s nice to be able to add something different that also serves an important purpose of cutting down the ambient noise.”

Kalmakoff put together the 32 soundproof panels from scratch using local Douglas fir strips that were sourced from Winlaw’s Perry Ridge Panelling. He squeezed the project in while taking care of his other various duties over a four-week period. Kalmakoff estimates that he did 4.1 kilometres of routing the edges of the beautiful Douglas fir strips.

“The visual is a bonus, the real value is what it will do for space in terms of sound,” says Kalmakoff. “It all turned out pretty well.”

Careful to note that all projects undertaken requires the Maintenance Team working together, Kalmakoff has been involved in several terrific outcomes including the science lab cabinetry and the Welcome Centre on the Castlegar Campus.

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