New Resource Guide Supports Employees

One-Stop Resource Is Full of Useful Information


Need help figuring out Unit4? Not sure how to book a room? The newly launched Resource Guide for New Employees is a centralized place to find helpful information about the college. While the guide is particularly helpful for new employees—it outlines tips for day one, week one and month one on the job—it’s designed to be a useful tool for everyone who works at Selkirk College.

Find the guide on iLearn by following these steps:

  1. Visit Selkirk College iLearn.
  2. Click “Click Employee Resource Guide.”
  3. Click “Welcome to Selkirk.”
  4. Sign in! If you do not already have an iLearn account, choose “Create New Account” use your Selkirk College email.

Developed by Human Resource and the Teaching & Learning Centre, the guide is full of information, ranging from employee perks to professional development opportunities and practical how-tos to background on the college’s strategic directions. Some sections are directed at faculty.

"It's really important that new employees feel welcome and included when they come to Selkirk College. A key aspect of feeling welcome is knowing where to turn when you inevitably have questions. We wanted to provide a one-stop resource for new staff with all the information they will need," explains Human Resources Specialist Kat Chong. "A bonus is that it's a great tool for all employees! There are so many great opportunities here at Selkirk College and we want to make sure that all staff are aware of them."

Hopefully, this guide will be a valuable resource that helps you navigate your work at Selkirk College. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources team at