Excellence in Times of Adversity

Selkirk College 2021 NISOD Award Winners Announced


Amid the challenges of an unusual year in post-secondary, educators have overcome barriers thrust upon them by focusing on excellence in teaching to ensure students emerge with pathways to success.

To recognize outstanding commitment to students and colleagues, the National Institute of Staff & Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence Awards are presented annually to educators from across Canada and the United States. Created in 1978, NISOD is a consortium of community and technical colleges that share a commitment to supporting excellence in teaching, learning and leadership. This year’s recipients from Selkirk College include Alison Roy, Lawrence Zaytsoff, Caroline Barabonow and Doug Henderson.

“I am inspired daily by the dedication shown by faculty and staff in all our programs,” says Rhys Andrews, Vice President of Education at Selkirk College. “This year’s NISOD Award winners are tremendous examples of how Selkirk College provides an experience that transforms the lives of learners. Their knowledge, approach and passion for making a difference remains unchanged even during the most abrupt pivot any of us have experienced over the last few months.”

Alison Roy: Innovation and Enthusiasm

An instructor in the Steps to Opportunities, Academics & Readiness (SOAR) Program on Nelson’s Silver King Campus, Alison Roy has helped revitalize the program formerly known as Adult Special Education. Through innovative efforts to improve courses, document learning outcomes and develop pathways for students of vastly varied abilities, Roy’s team-oriented approach is lauded by colleagues.

NISOD 2021 - Roy

Through innovative approaches to learning, Steps to Opportunities, Academics & Readiness (SOAR) Program Instructor Alison Roy’s dedication to her students is unmatched. Teaching out of Nelson’s Silver King Campus, Roy is one of four 2021 NISOD Award winners.

“The students are quick to speak of how much they admire and respect Alison and how much they enjoy the learning that they are part of,” says one of Roy’s nominators. “Many students have said they would come to class year-round if they could, as summer break is boring and too long! I have never heard Alison be content with the learning her in her classroom as being okay as is. She is always brainstorming with students, trying new things, striving for improvements and creating opportunities for success for all learners.”  

Lawrence Zaytsoff: Engagement and Impact

An instructor in the School of Industry & Trades Training since 2014, Lawrence Zaytsoff teaches in the Welding Program, the Metal Fabrication Foundation Program, the Discovery Program for Women and the Discovery Program for Youth. Known for going above and beyond for his students, Zaytsoff excels at generating confidence and pulling every learner up to their maximum potential.

NISOD 2021 - Zaytsoff

Trades Instructor Lawrence Zaytsoff makes learning fun and enjoyable for his students while providing a depth of industry knowledge experience that sets graduates on the right path.

“During this challenging time of adapted learning methods, Lawrence’s innovation was demonstrated in his commitment to the students and his ongoing development of teaching excellence,” says one of his nominators. “Students learn the material thoroughly while enjoying his wit, sense of humor and engaging methods of instruction. It is testament to his personable attitude that many of his graduates keep in contact with him during their working careers.”

Caroline Barabonow: Invaluable Knowledge

In a Selkirk College career that spans 27 years, Caroline Barabonow is described as a role model with a passion and pride that is visible on a daily basis. Currently the administrative assistant for both the School of University Arts & Sciences and the School of Business, she works behind the scenes to ensure both colleagues and learners succeed. With a dedication and enthusiasm that is infectious, Barabonow leads quietly by example with an unsurpassed knowledge of the institution.

NISOD 2021 - Barabonow

Known for her problem solving approach, Caroline Barabonow has been working behind the scenes to make Selkirk College run smoothly for almost three decades.

“It’s widely acknowledged that admin assistants are the glue of any successful school,” says one of her many nominators. “Caroline’s work provides a great example of the impact a single person can have in making days brighter, processes more efficient, administrators more effective, and the educational experience we deliver more comprehensive, cohesive and rewarding for our learners.”

Doug Henderson: Finding Comfort in Complexity

An immensely popular instructor amongst students and staff, Doug Henderson delivers Math and Statistics courses across a wide range of programs with an approach that puts learners at ease with subject material that can often cause anxiety. Acknowledged for his clarity, enthusiasm and kindness, Henderson has taught on the Castlegar Campus for more than 15 years. A reliable volunteer for college events and activities, his commitment to overall post-secondary success in the region is unparalleled.

NISOD 2021 - Henderson

Lauded by peers for his knowledge, enthusiasm and kindness, Doug Henderson teaches Math and Statistics classes across a variety of Selkirk College programs. A 15-year veteran of the classroom, Henderson is one of four 2021 NISOD Award winners.   

“Part of Doug’s gift as a teacher is his ability to make students feel comfortable in their Math and Statistics class,” says one of his nominators. “Students know that they can always approach Doug with questions and for support. They also know that if they work hard in his classes they will be able to succeed. In an unassuming way, Doug instills confidence in his students to be able to do complex and challenging work.”

Winners of the 2021 NISOD Awards will be honoured at a special online ceremony in early-May.

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