Ecology Instructor Explores the World of Wolverines

Doris Hausleitner Finds Balance and Inspiration in the Mountains


Selkirk College instructor Doris Hausleitner finds happiness in discovering and recording the everyday patterns of mysterious creatures that dwell in the isolated terrain of our region.

Hausleitner is a core member of Team Wolverine, a group of scientists who have been conducting vital research aimed at understanding the effects of human activity on the mammals that live in Canada’s Columbia Mountains. As part of her consulting work, the ecology instructor is currently using citizen science to help locate wolverine dens in the Southern Columbia Region that covers a 23,000 square kilometre habitat.

Selkirk College Instructor Doris Hausleitner in the field where she is part of Project Wolverine that has spent the last eight years studying the mysterious creature in Canada’s Northern Columbia Region.

“I have learned that we know very little about the wolverine,” she says of the project that was launched in 2012. “It’s such an amazing species, I’m always awe inspired by them. Following their tracks up a cliff band, you wonder why they just wouldn’t go around. They have this one-track mind, they are focused and they are formidable. They move amazingly in the mountains.”

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