Class of 2021 Valedictorian Proves Mettle

School of Health & Human Services Student Adrian Moyls


The Selkirk College Class of 2021 is taking a collective step forward into a world of opportunity after months of exhibiting resilience that required fortitude on an unmatched level.

A fitting representative for the Class of 2021, Selkirk College valedictorian Adrian Moyls knows plenty about overcoming struggle to find success. The college’s Student Ambassador Coordinator and a peer tutor, he balanced two years of full-time study in the School of Health & Human Services while helping raise a two-year-old son, holding down several jobs and continuing to support extended family through hard times. A Métis student who came from very little, Moyls is thankful for the chance to serve as example of remarkable post-secondary education.

Valedictorian 2021

Adrian Moyls is the Selkirk College Class of 2021 valedictorian and graduate of in the School of Health & Human Services.

“It’s an incredible honour because there are so many brilliant and beautiful people that are in the Selkirk College programs,” says Moyls. “My friends and colleagues at Selkirk College provide so much strength, brilliance and inspiration… they bring hope to this region. The simple opportunity to be here is such a privilege, to have a chance to be valedictorian is a badge of honour. I am incredibly grateful and honoured.”

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