Change to Senior Executive Structure Reflects Priorities

Brier Albano Appointed Associate Vice President of Student Success


Ensuring learner success and outcomes is the focus of a leadership team restructure that integrates the education and student services division of the college.

Recent senior executive retirements and post-pandemic changes to the post-secondary landscape has enabled the college to make the shift. With the departure of former Vice President of Students & Advancement John Kincaid in 2021 and the retirement former Vice President of Education Rhys Andrews in late-2022, the two positions were reworked to reflect the current reality.

Taya Whitehead was appointed the role of vice president of education & students in late-2022. A Selkirk College alumna, former School of Health & Human Services instructor, school chair and dean, Whitehead leads a division that incorporates most of the responsibilities held by both former vice presidents. In February, the college appointed registrar Brier Albano to the position of associate vice president of student success to complete the reorganization.       

“In the post-COVID world, it’s more important than ever to provide the best student support we can,” says Whitehead. “We are dealing with something completely different than we have ever seen before, so we are trying new strategies to get us where we want to be with our students.”

Appointed associate vice president of student success, Brier Albano arrived to Selkirk College in August 2021 to take on the role of registrar. She is seen here at Convocation 2023 where she was the emcee of the spring tradition.

Albano will directly report to Whitehead with her own team that includes the areas of student development, library, institutional research and the Registrar’s Office.

The college’s senior executive team is now comprised of:

  • President & CEO Maggie Matear
  • Vice President of Colleges Services & CFO Kerry Clarke
  • Vice President of Education & Students Taya Whitehead
  • Associate Vice President of Student Success Brier Albano
  • Executive Director of Human Resources Stacey Matthews
  • Executive Director of Finance & Risk Management Lareena Rilkoff

Albano arrived to the role of Selkirk College registrar in August 2021. Over a 17-year career in post-secondary she has worked in a variety of student engagement, recruitment and leadership roles at the University of Calgary that included an international posting in Qatar. She came to Selkirk College from Medicine Hat College where she was the associate registrar.

“Stepping in during a really difficult time of history, Brier has demonstrated enthusiasm, integrity and a commitment to students and staff,” Whitehead says. “I am really excited to have her as part of my team.”

Leading a team that focuses on a holistic approach to student learning and wellness, Albano will fully assume the associate vice president role once a new registrar is hired.

“Having a chance to expand my scope of responsibility is something that is exciting because Selkirk College is very important to me and I strongly believe in our mission,” she says. “We have a great team here and I want to help us all accomplish the goals of enhancing the lives of students while they are at Selkirk College.”

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