Celebrating the Selkirk College Family

Plenty of Smiles and Laughter at Annual Recognition Night


A wonderful evening of shining the spotlight on remarkable Selkirk College team members took place at the Castlegar Campus on May 12.

The annual Retirement & Recognition Night was the first in-person event since 2019 and brought together long-term employees, retirees and NISOD Excellence Award winners.

“There is a feeling of belonging at Selkirk College,” said President Angus Graeme, himself a recipient of a 30-year service pin. “When you work here, you know that you are part of something meaningful.”

R&R Hugs

It was that kind of night at the Castlegar Campus. Retired HHS faculty Jane Green embraces Dean of the School of Health & Human Services Taya Whitehead.

This year’s winners of the NISOD Excellence Awards include Nursing Program Instructor Christopher Hillary, Executive Director of Finance & Risk Management Lareena Rilkoff, School of Environment & Geomatics Instructor Allison Lutz, Director of Applied Research & Innovation Terri MacDonald and School of the Arts Instructor Marian Lowe.

Service pins went to the following employees:

  • 10 years: Deirdre Hopkins, Jennifer (Jen) Smith, Craig Korth, Lawrence Zaytsoff and Alison Roy.
  • 20 years: Dave Susanna and Natalie Osachoff.
  • 25 years: Jim Leitch, Tracy King, Christie Popoff, Peter Schroder, Janet Mayr, Shana Rablah and Allison Lutz.
  • 30 years: Carol Chernenkoff, Angus Graeme, Jacqueline (Jackie) Belza and Antonella (Nella) Mitchell.

Retirees were the last to be honoured at the event. Three of the ten recent retirees attended the event where they received a send off from colleagues and had a chance to take a turn at the microphone.

“When you work for Selkirk College, you actually have two families and two homes,” said Jane Green, a faculty member in the School of Health & Human Services for the last 16 years. “It’s a beautiful place to be because we are able to be such an incredible part of student journeys.”

Other retirees included Carol Andrews, Steven Parish, Ron Zaitsoff, Jesper Nielsen, Eric Moon, Kay Armstrong, Terry Balyk, Joanne Lehnert, Nadine Evin, and Jo-anne Stoltz.

A terrific meal was prepared/served by the Selkirk College Food Services Team and plenty of laugher could be heard coming from the transformed cafeteria.

NISOD Winners

The NISOD Excellence Award winners included: (L-R) Lareena Rilkoff, Marian Lowe, Christopher Hillary, Allison Lutz with President Angus Graeme. Missing from the photo is Terri MacDonald.

Service Pin Winners Two

Service pin recipients that attended the evening included: (L-R) Shana Rablah, Alison Roy, Jackie Belaza, Allison Lutz, Pete Schroeder and Angus Graeme.


Retirees who attended the evening and posed with President Angus Graeme (left) included: (L-R) Jane Green, Steven Parish and Carol Andrews.

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