Video Teaching Tools Explored at Vodcasting Workshop

The Vodcasting workshop was an answer to demand from instructors curious about this new, revolutionary teaching technique. Selkirk has made a commitment to Vodcasting, the technology required, and has now opened the door by training 'envoys'.

Webinar led by example

April Gudenrath, a member of the Flipped Classroom Cadre, taught the Vodcasting workshop from her home in Colorado Springs, using Google+ Hangout. Class room host, Teaching and Learning Institute Coordinator, Theresa Southam recorded the session live on their YouTube channel. Participants, and people who missed the first session, can now use the video as a resource.

April described Flipped Learning – information handed out before class – as an 'important part of the learning culture', promoting 'student reflection – in many forms – crucial for any audience'. She pointed out its benefits for students at different levels, as the videos allow them to learn at their own pace.

Selkirk's commitment to vodcasting

Librarian and Chair of the Learning Technology & Advisory Committee (LTAC) Danielle Cassarini reported how Selkirk is working towards acquiring a media server – which will play a big role in supporting storage of Vodcasting and other media activities.

"As part of our Innovation Fund project, we received a lot of interest from instructors in Vodcasting and using technologies," said Danielle. "LTAC is interested in supplying people with technology. This workshop is a really good example of the reasons to use video. We want to help people adopt and adapt to new technology."

Selkirk's first Vodcasting Workshop

Librarian and LTAC Committee Chair Danielle Cassarini (L) discusses Vodcasting with workshop host Teaching and Learning Institute Coordinator Theresa Southam.

If Vodcasting is on your learning list, watch Parts 1 and 2 on the Teaching and Learning Institute YouTube site. Then, join the group for the second session, which will introduce Selkirk's new Vocasting resources, and provide video production hands-on training.

"We are going to do a pilot project," said Theresa. "We've bought two mobile Vodcasting units. Camera, Mac computer and software. For next week, we may have one of those units here, and be able to do a demonstration. The workshop is  open to all."

Vodcasting Workshop – Part Two

  • Date: Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
  • Time: 4 pm - 7 pm
  • Location: Room 309, Patenaude Building, Tenth Street Campus, Selkirk College
  • Note: Bring a supper snack to tide you over!





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