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Creating a vibrant, inspirational and diverse campus


Creating an interesting and unique setting for learning and working is integral for student recruitment and retention, not to mention fostering pride within both students and staff!  Read the story below to learn how Paris Voykin created a vibrant space for students.

In January 2012, a small room (A-41) on Castlegar campus, was designated as the new Assessment Centre. There are seven computer stations atop tables that can also be used for paper-based tests.  One huge advantage of this room is the many windows that allow natural light to stream into the room.  My intention was to create an environment that welcomes and calms anxious students – myself included.  I covered concrete walls with bamboo blinds (one of which has inspirational cards for anyone to take); installed thin, tall birch trees placed in the corners of the room, to extend the effect of outdoors; and put pictures from my travels to Zambia on the walls. I have many spider plants near the computers that are supposed to help absorb negative ions from computers. They look great and are easy to maintain.  Although the space is small and often full of students, backpacks, coats and papers, students report the experience as being okay…. Phew! 


Picture of student work table decorated in a vibrant, productive manner.


For more information on creating a vibrant space contact CRT & Invigilation Services Coordinator Paris Voykin.



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