Learning Fellows Go to Banff

Randall Cannon, Mac McHenry, Wendy Tagami, Franca Berdusco, Shannon Shah and Theresa Southam attended the 2012 Symposium on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning November 8-10, 2012 in Banff, Alberta. This conference is sponsored by the Institute for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning (ISoTL). There was so much friendship generated and the Selkirk contingent became known as a new and emerging force in teaching and learning in western Canada! Over the next few issues of the Grapevine we'll share some our top picks for applying our learning at Selkirk College.

Mac McHenry's Top Inspirations/Recommended Applications at Selkirk College

We learned about the word "dialogic" which, opposed to a discussion that leads to one truth, is a process whereby the facilitator and participants transform together. I am hoping that Selkirk staff can create spaces on our campuses where students have dialogics with teaching assistants and their instructors, asking the questions that aren't asked in more formal learning discussions.

I also came away hoping that one day soon every first year student at Selkirk College will have a buddy (another student) who will be their mentor.

Theresa Southam's Top Inspirations/Recommended Applications at Selkirk College

The session from NorQuest on faculty development, including the development of 44 attributes of great teachers was fascinating. Randall and I both attended this workshop and wondered if there were ways to use the 44 attributes as a rubric for discussions about supports for instructors. I also loved the sessions on the National Survey of Student Engagement and hope to get more involved in the teaching and learning aspects of our own student engagement survey.

I am also super inspired to adapt the Nexen Scholars program for Selkirk College. This program provides release time to instructors so that they can not only try new teaching and learning approaches, but frame research questions, gather data ,analyze their results and publish. Finally, I want to explore how we recognize excellent teaching and learning experiences at Selkirk College and in the region. Can our SCOPE awards be extended to BCGEU and PPWC employees? Is NISOD the right and only fit? What about the 3M fellow designations , Society for Teaching and Learning College Sector Awards and the IBM Innovation Awards in the University category?



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