Hands-on Vodcasting Workshop Sets Projects in Motion

Video tools changing the face of teaching


Eager participants gathered for the second Vodcasting - videos to aid learning – workshop, anxious to begin creating videos to help them and their learners. Instructors, teachers, trainers and staff teamed up to help each other get practical experience on making instructional videos – a first for many. Their goal was to introduce videos to support classroom or online learning activities – making it easier and more rewarding for themselves and students.

Teaching and Learning Institute Coordinator Theresa Southam opened the workshop with highlights from the Flipped Learning – the educational link to Vodcasting - presentation the week before. She referred to the participants as 'brave and dedicated' teachers willing to integrate Vodcasting.

"Vodcasting and 'flipping the classroom' is not just about technology," said Theresa. "It requires reflection about what we teach, and why."

Learning by doing

Selkirk College has acquired two mobile Vodcasting systems – video camera, Mac Computer and software – for staff to use. Librarian and Chair of the Learning Technology & Advisory Committee (LTAC) Danielle Cassarini helped demonstrate all the technology, and said LTAC is committed to providing the support needed to build video resources.

Participants chose projects such as an online TESOL lesson, a health care method, instruction on accessing the new online jobs portal, plain language and library research tips. They quickly got down to creating their own Vodcasts after watching two previously completed ones and the software demonstrations.

Participants set sights high 

Selkirk International ELP/TESOL Instructor Tyler Ballam is striving to create an entire online TESOL course by the autumn.

"We are creating a course so if there's a teacher in Korea, they will be able to take it online," said Tyler, keen on booking the Digital Arts & New Media facilities over the summer.

Vodcasting workshop 2 - Tyler Ballam

Selkirk International ELP/TESOL Instructor Tyler Ballam shares ideas, as Co-op & Employment Services (CEES) Administrative Assistant Olga Sherstobitoff listens.

Co-op & Employment Services (CEES) Administrative Assistant Olga Sherstobitoff finds she is often repeating instruction on how to use the new Career Portal.

"I want to be able to do an infomercial on how to use the Career Portal," said Olga. "It would be housed somewhere accessible to all students."

Nursing Instructor Franca Berdusco's fourth year students created teaching videos as part of their leadership course requirements. The project was such a success, third year students now want to carry on with it.

"It's got momentum and it's got the Flipped Classroom aspect that I wanted," said Franca. "I am here to learn more so I can support my students with technical help."

"We found so many benefits. Students enjoyed learning from other students," she said. "It satisfied the fourth years' desire to use more visuals, technology and active learning."

"I can't image doing this along," said Olga. "The support from Theresa and Danielle has been so valuable."

Theresa Southam, TLI, works with Vodcasting students.

Teaching and Learning Institute Coordinator Theresa Southam helps two participants add media to their Vodcast.

"I was so happy to work with these instructors who are keen to start 'flipping their classrooms' by providing Vodcasts for learners," said Theresa. "We made some good progress on two vodcasts in class, and viewed some created by students as homework."

Participants all showed a commitment to learning more, having future access to the facilities, using the mobile equipment and sharing support as they continue Vodcasting.





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