HR Department Puts Focus on Project Aurora

Train-Build Phase of Project Begins for Human Resources


Project Aurora will transform Selkirk College underlying infrastructure and business processes. The Human Resources Department is an important part of this process and have moved into the next stage.

Project Aurora Finance

The Human Resources Department is commencing its train-build for the new HR/Payroll module within Project Aurora. This is an exciting and vital part of the project that will run from August to January. It will support future processes and procedures that will sustain our HR programming. 

In order to achieve the project objectives and balance operations, the department has ramped up its project team and backfilled primary HR positions to assist with the day-to-day operations. Please reach out to the Human Resources team with questions and support as required; the team is committed to shaping our future together.

Human Resources

  • Arleen Gallo, Director of Human Resources
  • Stacey Matthews, Labour Relations
  • Trina Sutherland, Human Resources Advisor: Benefits, Pension & Contract Administration
  • Tina Castellarin, Human Resources Administrator/Recruiter
  • Dana Spoklie, Human Resources Systems Recruiter
  • Eliza Green, Human Resources Coordinator: Educational Division Support
  • Barry Addum, Human Resources On-Call: Administration Support
  • Khushali Mashruwala, Human Resources On-Call: Special Projects Support

Health and Safety

  • Donna Drover, Human Resources Health and Safety Advisor
  • Jodie Reay, Health and Safety Coordinator

Project Aurora

  • Liana Zwick, Transformation Lead
  • Michele Lauren, Human Resources Lead
  • Paula Quist, Human Resources Technician
  • Devin Fear, Human Resources Technician

Any further questions about Human Resources can be directed to Arleen Gallo.