Gender Neutral Signs Come to Selkirk College

Single-Use Bathrooms on All Campus to get New Signs


Selkirk College is in the process of installing Gender Neutral signs for all single-use bathrooms on our campuses. The college recognizes that many transgender, genderqueer and/or gender non-conforming people are particularly affected by bathroom segregation because of the visible gender differences that may not correlate with cultural gender norms.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Many non-transgender and gender conforming people also experience difficulty and inconvenience in sex-segregated bathrooms. Parents with differently-gendered children are not able to accompany them in gender-segregated bathrooms (a mother with her son or a father with his daughter). Disabled people with differently gendered attendants or family members are not able to bring them into gender-specific, multi-stall bathrooms.

This initiative accompanies other changes that Selkirk College is making to ensure that all LGBTQ+ students and staff feel welcomed and safe on campus. Training programs and workshops are being developed to educate staff and students about respectful and inclusive language and practices LGBTQ+ students and allies are being invited to discuss the challenges they face and form a Safe Spaces group.

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