Celebrating Canada Through Fresh Eyes

Tarunjit Jassar Basls in His New Life in Canada


As we get set for Canada Day 2018, it’s a great time to celebrate with family, friends and the community. It’s also a moment in the year when we reflect on what it means to live in this amazing country.

Tarunjit Jassar is Selkirk College’s Accounting Coordinator who works out of the Castlegar Campus. He came to Canada in 2014 to attend the Post Graduate Accounting Program and quickly immersed himself into Canadian life.

While working on his diploma, Jassar took a part-time job as a Selkirk College weekend attendant and after graduating in April 2016 landed a job in the Finance Department where he has been since June 2016.

Tarunjit poem

Tarunjit Jassar came to Canada in 2014 to study at Selkirk College and today works in the Finance Department out of the Castlgar Campus.

In September 2017, Jassar became a Permanent Resident of Canada with hopes to apply for his Canadian citizenship in early 2020. If you have ever had a chance to chat with Jassar, he’ll no doubt express his gratitude for both his new home and the college that helped him get to this point in his Canadian journey. The feeling goes both ways, as he is a valued member of the Selkirk College team.

Jassar recently composed a poem which helps provide some insight into his pathway to this point and helps define what it means to live in our great country. Enjoy the read!


Thank You Canada for Taking Me In, Thank You Once Again!

I was a lost soul,

With no objective or goal,

Thinking to start a fresh new life,

This path I began to explore,


That’s when the thought to study again,

Clicked my clogged mind!

I landed up in the West Kootenay,

Where the rivers and mountains felt divine!


Selkirk is the name of the college,

Saints is their Hockey team,

While I was just a face in the crowd,

Mesmerized to live my dream!


O Canada, O Canada, you are so beautiful and strong,

You nurture everybody in a special way,

People instantly forget injustice and wrong!


10 provinces and 3 territories

Will bring you peace and delight,

Honestly I can tell you that

The Grass is greener this side!


Enchanted highways with creeks on the side,

Camping over the long weekends,

Makes me feel “Just Right”


Your waters soar far down South

You help so many with irrigation,

I am just happy to know O Canada,

You are so open to Immigration!


This is a country where the wildlife rules,

Once in a while you may run into a moose

It may take a while for you to get used,

Secure your meals far away or the bear will get the food!


Shiny is the summer here,

Fall is like a bride

Winter is enchanting and gorgeous too!

The entire country is dressed in white!


Minus 10 is the trend,

Minus 30 will give you the chill,

Bold and strong are the workers here,

Who clean the streets with their will!


We yet see all the seasons here,

One by one they come and go,

And then there are days wherein,

You could see them all four!


Be careful of the snow in June,

Albertans know that’s a way of life,

The Chinooks that blow every year,

Help the winter Chill subside!


East and West you boost of the Bays

In between gigantic views,

There are fields full of hay!


The sun feels warm here,

With a single blazing ray

We know that sentences in Canada

Must end with an EH!


Wine made from the Okanagan,

Gives me the motivation to write

This gorgeous tale of the Canadian living,

That can leave your worries behind!


As much as I praise you Canada,

Is not enough, I know,

I wish I could just write a lot more

Like rivers my words should flow


My life has been a gift since I met you

There is no grief or resent

Proud and free I am to be



You can reach Tarunjit Jassar via email.