Bursaries Signal Relief for Those Pursuing Dreams

Selkirk College Provides Vital Financial Assistance 


When Emmett Deuling received confirmation of acceptance into the Selkirk College Nursing Program, there was elation knowing he was moving closer to his dream of a career in health care. The next emotion Deuling felt was anxiety, knowing that four years of education was going to be a costly venture.

Throwing himself into student life on the Castlegar Campus during a challenging first semester, Deuling exceeded his own academic expectations. Though buoyed by his success in the classroom, when he sat down with his wife to take another look at the family budget, it became clear that providing for their two-year-old son was going to be even more difficult than expected.

Emmett Deuling Bursary

First-year Nursing Program student Emmett Deuling is one of 130 Selkirk College students who will receive bursaries this year. The Nelson resident is the recipient of more than $5,000 worth of needs-based financial awards.

That’s when Deuling started to receive word that he was the successful recipient of more than $5,000 worth of bursaries.

“Every time there is an envelope with money in it, it’s woo-hoo!” says the 29-year-old Nelson resident.“It means I can focus on my education, it means my baby is eating very well, it means everyone in the family has winter clothes, it means I don’t have to work because school is such an important priority right now.”

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