Selkirk Pilots SPECTRUM, a Lifespan Autism Course
Autism touches many people and families. With this comes an increasing need for awareness and understanding of practical resources and approaches for supporting situations in many contexts—schools, homes, community. In January, Selkirk College is launching SPECTRUM: Lifespan Autism Resources & Training.—January 4, 2018
Nursing Students Help Combat Homelessness
The Coldest Night of the Year walk for homelessness has been making a difference in communities across Canada, raising millions of dollars to help those who are struggling. Third-year Selkirk College Nursing Program students are an important part of the success of the walk in our region.—February 13, 2018
Ike Barber Scholarships Benefit Grads
Starting an academic journey at Selkirk College has a host of benefits. One of the advantages is access to the Ike Barber Transfer Scholarship which provides $5,000 to those who begin their studies close to home. This is the story about how one alumnus has benefited.—January 31, 2018
Bursaries Help Students Focus on Education Goals
The challenges post-secondary students face as they work toward a desired education are varied and relative. Some hurdles are greater than others, but those who embark on a journey at Selkirk College have the option of seeking financial relief through bursaries that help ease the strain.—January 16, 2018
Bursaries Signal Relief for Those Pursuing Dreams
The importance of student financial aid is a key component in creating an affordable post-secondary education for Selkirk College learners. Emmett Deuling is one of the students who has benefited from the generosity of donors who will be recognized at the annual Bursary Tea.—January 25, 2018