Selkirk College School of Business Takes Initiative

Scavenger Hunt and Dunk Tank Fundraiser Massive Successes


The School of Business answered the call to help Selkirk College celebrate its 50th anniversary year with two initiatives that created quite a buzz on campus last semester.

At the beginning of the fall semester, the School of Business organized a massive scavenger hunt on the Castlegar Campus that had students taking photos and Instagramming their success with #Selkirk50 and #Biz50.

Business Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt organized by the School of Business at Selkirk College was all about team building and celebrating the college's 50th anniversary. Instagram photos were hashtagged #Biz50. See more photos on Facebook.

Business students could be seen scattered around the college seeking out landmarks, people and hunting down other clues.  Many of the students were exploring campus areas for the first time, getting familiar with campus recreation or meeting Selkirk College President Angus Graeme. About 200 students participated in the event that was a clear success, says Kamren Farr, program advisor.

“So far it has been the hit of the semester. It created quite a buzz for them,” he says.

The idea came from last school year’s marketing students Jenny Gunville, Brittany Ogloff, Aaron Brewer and Emily (Jianjun) Qu. The top four ideas out of 140 submissions were pitched to the college’s marketing department and School Chair Tiffany Snauwaert. The Instagram scavenger hunt won the pitch and faculty took over to design and execute the event.

The learning component to the exercise continued on the day of implementation. Developing interpersonal skills and learning how to work together as a team is critical to success in a business career.

“Our teams were designed to be multi-cultural – we have over 300 students in the School of Business from 16 different countries so the idea of a global community is something we are really embracing. For many students this was their first time working in a multi-cultural team,” says Farr.

The School of Business team effort continued at Selkirk College’s Homecoming Weekend celebration as they participated in the Pancake Breakfast Community event by operating a fundraising dunk tank. Farr came up with crowd-pleasing idea that raised over $1,000 for the 50th Anniversary Student Legacy Award.

“I never expected people to make the donations they did, but on the day, everyone was very generous,” says Farr.

Business Dunk Tank Fundraiser

Business instructor Mike Konkin was among the brave volunteers who joined up with the School of Business as they held a dunk tank fundraiser as part of the Selkirk College 50th Homecoming Weekend.

Among those generously volunteering to be dunked were Business Instructor Mike Konkin and Business Chair Tiffany Snaurwaert, UAS Chair Tracy Punchard and Dean David Feldman along with SEG Chair Brendan Wilson and President Angus Graeme.

“It didn’t take much work to get people on board and I think that’s what is special about Selkirk College. People are happy to step forward and help for a good cause,” says Farr. “Many of them took it one step further with pageantry and thoughtful costumes. Definitely we saw some real school spirit there.”

Of the dozen or so dunked, Dean Rhys Andrews raised the most money with $400 going toward the legacy fund.

Snauwaert challenges other schools and departments to join in by planning their own activities celebrating Selkirk College’s 50th anniversary.

“The School of Business enjoyed putting our ideas into action,” she says. “It was rewarding to contribute to the spirit of celebration, and raising funds for the scholarship is the icing on the cake. I encourage others to try and match us.”

Instructor and Program Advisor Kamren Farr says the School of Business values service to community and as a faculty, leads by demonstrating eager involvement.

“We also embrace the value of innovation, creativity and culture so when you take those things and combine them together, you see opportunities out there to make things happen. You go forward and you do that. The best part is that it’s fun for those you serve and rewarding for those that are involved,” says Farr.

Programs and Schools are welcome to continue the year-long 50th Anniversary celebration by organizing their own events. For more information on how to get involved go to

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