Selkirk College Officially Launches Project Aurora

Exciting Improvements Ahead for the Way We Work


To ensure that Selkirk College remains competitive in the marketplace while continuing to grow and evolve as an institution, Project Aurora (an acronym for A Unified Renewal of Related Application) was initiated to review and upgrade support systems and processes.

The smooth operation of the entire college is integral to the delivery of a quality educational experience. While the current systems have served Selkirk College well for the last 20 to 30 years, the College needs to address the inherent risks and instability of continuing to rely on systems that are becoming increasingly difficult to support.

Existing business processes and technology platforms are dated and no longer able to support the delivery of the quality service for which Selkirk College is known.

Angus Graeme Signs Aurora

Selkirk College President Angus Graeme signs the Project Aurora contract. 

Selkirk College is a learner-centred college that provides educational experiences and pathways that prepare students for work, further education and life-long learning. The vision is to make learning authentic, inspiring, rewarding and relevant to students, the region and the world. Selkirk College is integral to the economic development, social equity, culture and sustainability of the communities served.

“Aurora will ensure that the operational functions of finance, payroll, human resources, student enrolment and registration run smoothly and better support the operations of the College,” says Vice President, College Services, CFO Gary Leier who is the Project Aurora Executive Sponsor.

Selkirk College Board of Governors officially approved Project Aurora on June 28.

Aurora will be implemented in stages with completion in the Fall of 2019. The underlying infrastructure Selkirk College employees use will be replaced and business processes transformed.  In addition to being a technology selection and implementation project, Aurora will play a role in transforming the College, significantly enhancing its ability to elevate the student experience.

“This is an exciting time for Selkirk College, we are about to begin the implementation of a new ERP system that will greatly improve the way we work, as well as create a more engaging and satisfying experience for our students, faculty, staff, administrators and prospective students,” says Leier. “We look forward to changes that this will bring and want to thank everyone in advance for their continued support as we enter this next phase.”

Business Process Mapping Project Aurora

Selkirk College is taking a leap forward in our technology platform but mapping business processes is still done using good old fashioned sticky notes. 

The project will be conducted in such a way as to leverage the maximum benefit for other institutions in the Post-Secondary Education Sector in British Columbia.

“This level of consultation ensures that our new technical solution will be directly aligned with its mission of fostering student success, and it will facilitate the College’s continued growth and ultimately the achievement of the Academic Plan,” says Leier.

This project will be conducted via a structured project and change management process. Further information can be found in the Aurora Project & Change Charter. Go to Project Aurora on MySelkirk to stay up to date...

Change Management Project Aurora

Several Selkirk College employees took an intensive course on change management to help lead through Project Aurora.