Education Assistant & Community Support Worker Program Embraces New Name

Selkirk College Prepares Students for Careers of Valuable Service


The Selkirk College Classroom and Community Support Worker program has changed its name to Education Assistant & Community Support Worker (EACSW) program.

The name change honours the industry name for the role – Education Assistant, rather than Classroom Support Worker. When people are seeking out the program online, using the name most commonly recognized by potential students will help them connect to Selkirk College for their training.

EACSW Program Name Change

Students in the Education Assistant and Community Support Worker program have put on an annual gathering of inclusion attended by more than 200 people including folks from local Community Living organizations, students in Selkirk College’s Transitional Training Programs and local dignitaries.

Making the change to Education Assistant & Community Support Worker has been in the works for some time. The Program Advisory Committee put a recommendation to the Curriculum Committee and due process was followed to make the change official in Spring of 2017.

“Our program will continue to be vibrant, preparing people for schools and community work,” says Instructor Jane Green. “We help our students develop their skills and confidence to be of service in truly valuable ways. We provide the foundational knowledge and information that skillful practitioners need to know to be effective. There’s a balance of self-assessment, critical thinking and reflection, combined with two practicum experiences for hands-on work to assure graduates of our program are head-and-heart ready for the hands-and-feet work.”

Students in the nine-month EACSW certificate program learn skills to help them work with people with differing ability in both classroom and community contexts. Graduates find exciting and essential work as Education Assistants, Job Coaches and Community Support Workers across the lifespan.

Many graduates receive offers of employment before they graduate from the program and leave Selkirk College having secured a job, says Green.

“It’s a really good time to get into this field. School districts in our region and across the province often have more positions than they can fill and not enough people on their sub lists,” she says. “With recent legislation changes requiring more classroom support, the need will only increase.”

Recent graduate Amber Larsen says that the EACSW program has changed her life.

“I always tell people this is a life-changing program and that I truly believe everyone would benefit from taking it,” she says. “This work makes a difference in the world. It’s work that really matters, that counts and after all, isn’t what we are truly here for – to make a difference, to connect and belong with others.”

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