Apology for Photo in CE Calendar Issued

A Regretable Mistake Requires Mitigation


Selkirk College has been advised that the image printed on page 44 of the CEWT calendar is inappropriate and could potentially be offensive. The marketing department has been working through some crisis management best practices and have a plan in place to get ahead of this from a communications perspective.

It is important at this time to inform all staff of this error should the matter arise.

The new calendar for Fall Courses at Selkirk College contains a photograph next to a listing for a Russian Language class. In that photo, a person holds a poster with Russian words that translate to "Russian world is a myth. Russian language does not exist. Russian language is Ukrainian language." This message isn't appropriate for advertising a Russian Language class and could be found offensive by Russian speakers and the broader community.

As soon as this issue arose, Selkirk College immediately began action to mitigate any damage that could be caused by such a mistake including the following steps:

  • removal of image from web/online PDF version of all web content
  • response to instructor Julia Dolinnaya, who brought the issue to our attention
  • publish official acknowledgement in local media in all regions/catchment area
  • publish official acknowledgement on
  • post internal alert on myselkirk to ensure staff awareness
  • review of photo selection process and approval for future publications.

Selkirk College's acknowledgment reads as follows: "On Page 44 of the Selkirk College Community Education & Workplace Training (CEWT) Fall calendar, there is a photograph that accompanies the Russian Language courses which was mistakenly included on the page. Selkirk College wishes to apologize for the choice of this image and sincerely regrets the error."

On a side note there was another small issue with the printing of this calendar that originated at the printers. In a few (they are saying only a "few") cases page 22 and page 6 were switched in the print run. Purchasing is currently working with the printer to explore an additional print run as well as a credit option with them as it was the error on a part of the supplier/vendor.


If anyone has any questions about this matter, please contact Community Liason Bob Hall via email or at ext. 11324. Thank you for your undersanding.