Amazing Race Canada in the West Koots

The Reality TV Trip Across Canada Includes Selkirk College


Amazing Race Canada premieres on CTV on July 4 and there is more incentive than ever to make this reality TV show one of your summer's guilty pleasures.

As the show challenges teams of two with a series of wild tasks speckled across the nation, the West Kootenay will be one of the featured areas this season. Back at the end of May, contestants and crew landed at the Castlegar Airport and made their way to Nelson where they spent a busy day racing around the streets. One of the stops was Kootenay Studio Arts at Selkirk College located at the Victoria Street Campus.

 Amazing Race Preview

Kootenay Studio Arts at Selkirk College staffer Carter Balzar works with crews from Amazing Race Canada when the reality TV show stopped by Nelson in the spring as part of this year's exciting season.

Though confidentiality agreements prohibit those involved from saying too much (there needs to be some drama for those who tune in!), it's a pretty safe bet that during the season Selkirk College employees will get to see some familiar places and faces.

At least a couple of KSA staffers will be included in an upcoming episode... unless they end up on the cutting room floor. Carter Balzer is one of charters who had direct contact with the contestants as they made their way through to partake in a challenge.

Other than the Selkirk College angle, there are a couple of teams with local roots. A buddy team who hail from Ontario, but live in Rossland, are sure to entertain. And a mother/son team from Grand Forks looks to be an interesting duo for the upcoming season.

Check your local listings or head to the Amazing Race Canada Facebook page for more information.


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