Staying Close to Home a Calculated Reward

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For Dylan Bennett, going to Selkirk College this year was literally a last-second decision.

“I had my mind made up in Grade 11 that I was going to go out East and take actuarial science,” says the 18-year-old. “Then it was late-March, beginning of April last year. It was time to make my choice.”

Dylan Bennett feature

Nelson’s Dylan Bennett completed his first year of post-secondary close to home and found the Selkirk College experience has prepared him well for his future at the University of Waterloo where he will transfer to complete his degree.

Bennett, who had won the Governor General’s Award for having the highest GPA in his school, had plenty of reasons to go, and plenty of choice. He loved math and his marks got him accepted to Waterloo University and the University of Toronto, both excellent schools for the subject. A lot of people he knew were moving away. Even his girlfriend was leaving town, heading east for university.

“But I panicked,” he recalls. “At the last second I went ‘Aaah!’ I was not sure I was ready to go. I wasn’t sure I was ready mentally. I was worried that if I went, I’d spend $18,000, not go to class and bail at Christmas.”

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