Professional Cook Program a Recipe for Employment

Selkirk College Training Students for Promising Careers


Not many schools can promise a student will have a job at the end of their studies. This year, Selkirk College’s cooking program is offering its grads their choice of them.

“Right now we have 16 students and more than 40 jobs to fill,” says Simon Parr, Instructional Assistant for Professional Cook (Level One) at the Tenth Street Campus in Nelson.

Cooking Program Jobs

Students in the Selkirk College Professional Cook Program build a multitude of skills at Nelson’s Tenth Street Campus kitchen facility that make them job-ready and a hot commodity in today’s hospitality industry.

Parr says students in the recently finished term are being courted with “three or four” job offers each, with many employers recruiting on site during the school year.

“It’s great, students can pick their own jobs, decide the path they want to take, what experience they want,” he says.

It’s heady stuff to have opportunity like that for your students. Parr, who has taught at Selkirk College for 10 years, has seen this cycle before.

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