It’s the People Make Selkirk College Great

Annual Employee Recognition & Retirement Dinner


Hundreds of years of dedicated service were put in the spotlight on May 12 at the annual Selkirk College Employee Recognition & Retirement Dinner.

Hosted by the Selkirk College Human Resources Department, the dinner at the Staff Lounge on the Castlegar Campus recognized 17 employees for their years of service and 12 who have retired.

“We celebrate milestones and accomplishments with our students all the time, this is fitting to celebrate accomplishments with each other from time to time,” said Selkirk College President Angus Graeme.

R&R Service

The Years of Service recipients who came to the dinner included (L-R with President Angus Graeme and Board of Governors Chair Sharel Wallace acting as bookends) Judy McIvor, John Josafatow, Bob Dodge, Teresa Petrick, Shirley Hadikin and Allison Alder (Donna Sterne and Susan White not pictured).

Shirley Hadikin was honoured for her amazing 35 years of service at the college where she has taken on a number of roles.

Others receiving long term pins included:

  • 25 Years of Service – Allison Alder, Rhys Andrews, Len Grayson, Paul Idle, Larry Perepolkin, Teresa Petrick, Julie Robertson and Donna Sterne.
  • 20 Years of Service – Bob Dodge, Rod Fayant, John Josafatow, Don MacDonald, Rob Macrae, Holly Martin, Judy McIvor and Susan White.

“When the birth of this place happened 50 years ago, it was a movement and it continues to be,” said Graeme. “We continue to build a tradition and culture. All of the employees we recognize tonight make the institution count for students.”

When it came to honouring the retirees, those who attended the dinner were given tributes by those who had worked with them over the years. Words like kindness, concern, commitment, encouraging, conscientious, dedicated, sense of humour and diplomacy were used to describe the people who put so much effort forward to make Selkirk College a great place to learn and work.

R&R Retirees

The retirees who came to the dinner included (L-R with President Angus Graeme on the far left) Bill Winegarden, Barb Jankola, Gabriele Spaulding, Ray Brock, Wendy Tagami, Board of Governors Chair Sharel Wallace and Don Ector.

The list of retirees includes: Franca Berdusco, Ray Brock, Don Ector, Suzanne Ector, Bev Horst, Paul Idle, Barb Jankola, Fiona Matthews, Ken Soroka, Gabriele Spaulding, Wendy Tagami and Bill Winegarden were all recognized.

With five of the people on the list from Adult Basic Education (ABE)—Idle, Jankola, Soroka, Spaulding and Tagami—Selkirk College is bidding farewell to an incredible 175 years of teaching experience in that department alone.

“It’s a tough day for many of us at the institution to say goodbye… you’ve done so much for our students over the years,” Graeme said of all the retirees honoured on the evening.

Carpentry Instructor Dan Brazeau was also recognized on the evening as the recipient of a NISOD Award.


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