Entrance Awards Provide Boost

Selkirk College Lessens Financial Stress for Incoming Students


Selkirk College has provided 43 outstanding new students with a great start to their post-secondary education.

At a special Entrance Scholarship Award Ceremony on the Castlegar Campus, a total of $66,000 was provided to students beginning their educational pathways in a number of different Selkirk College programs.

Entrance Awards Student

First year Selkirk College student Jessica Auger is one of 43 new post-secondary learners who received an Entrance Scholarship. The School of University Arts & Sciences student spoke on behalf of students at a special ceremony on the Castlegar Campus.

"Entrance scholarships provide an outstanding start to students who choose Selkirk College,” said Selkirk College Vice President of Student Advancement Cathy Mercer. “Having the opportunity to lessen the financial strain from the start of their post-secondary journey allows our learners to focus on their studies and work towards their ultimate goal."

The majority of the students receiving entrance scholarships are recent high school graduates who have demonstrated strong academic achievement. Students apply for the scholarships between February 15 and March 31 of the previous year. The awards are open to all first time students in the Selkirk College region.

A Recognition of Excellence

“Receiving an award like this scholarship is a great honour to us students because we know that we are being recognized for the academic accomplishments that we have worked very hard to achieve in the past years,” said recipient Jessica Auger, who spoke on behalf of her peers at the ceremony. “It drives us even more to keep working on these accomplishments every day.”

Entrance Awards Group

Some of the students who received Entrance Scholarships at The Pit earlier this semester.

The entrance awards are worth $1,300 on average, helping students pay for tuition and books.

“Scholarships play a vital role in a student’s academic journey because it helps us get steady on our feet for the year,” said Auger, who is in the School of University Arts & Sciences. “It also reminds us of our accomplishments when we wobble under the weight of four textbooks, and it shows that we are recognized for our academic skills.”

This year, Selkirk College will award more than $315,000 in scholarships and bursaries.

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