DANM Students Open Doors to Creativity

Digital Arts & New Media Program Hosts Annual Show


First and second year students in the Selkirk College Digital Arts & New Media Program (DANM) are preparing for their annual year-end show at Nelson's Tenth Street Campus in Mary Hall.  

The digital art lab at the college is currently a hive of energy as students plan and prepare for show that is set for April 15 starting at 6 p.m..

DANM 2016 Show

First year Selkirk College Digital Arts & New Media Program student Viktor Olynyk works on his final stop-motion animation project.

“The showcase is a great venue for the students to display everything they've been learning over the course of the program,” says second year student Brett Dopp.

The show will feature the student’s photographs, digital and traditional art, film, animation, 3D work, and web design. There will be an interactive space featuring digital illustrators working on Cintiq tablets, a green screen, and 3D printing technology.

Three film showings throughout the night containing different films and animation from the students is always a popular feature of the semester-ending event. 

“It’s a really great look at everyone’s personal styles and creative choices, a sample of all genres,” says second year student Chris Takala. “Coming into this program I really wanted to work on my film skills and learn as much as I could about cinematography. This program goes from anything from photography to coding, I just really love how diverse it is.”

This year will be the program’s 17th annual show and the public is welcome to attend. Admission is free. Printed student work will be raffled out as door prizes by donation.


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