Connecting to China’s Massive Ski Industry

Selkirk College Delivers on Job Ready Education


Five years ago Yue “Max” Liang hated winter. He wasn’t too keen on his chosen profession either. But today he’s in love with snow and preparing for a career connected to China’s fast-growing ski industry. Selkirk College’s Ski Resort Operations & Management Program (SROAM) is helping him get there.

Liang remembers the lousy winters growing up in Beijing

Max the SROAMie

Yue “Max” Liang is a Selkirk College student who is in his first year of the Ski Resort Operations & Management Program based out of Nelson, B.C.’s Tenth Street Campus. Liang arrived to Canada from Beijing, China with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and is looking to change course to a career that brings new challenges and opportunities.

“It is too cold to stay outside, it is grey, and snow is rare,” says the 26-year-old. “People didn’t do much outside the in winter. I just hated the cold.”

Then one day a friend showed him a snowboarding video and the two went to a small ski hill near the city to give the sport a try.

“There was very few people on the hill, hardly any snowboarders,” Liang recalls.

It was a nice break from the crowded city. A day on the slopes, the fun and fresh air, sold him on the sport.

“I came home thinking, ‘I want to do more of this’,” he says.

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