Selkirk College Saints Roll Out the Turf in Kaslo

How a Chicken and a Group of Student Athletes Bolstered Recreation


Locals and visitors alike are enjoying the bounty of recreational opportunities the West Kootenay has to offer this summer and at the Kaslo Golf Club the experience has been enhanced courtesy of the Selkirk College Saints hockey team.

Nestled between the Purcell and Selkirk mountain ranges, the Kaslo Golf Club is one of the most visually stunning layouts in the region. With amazing vistas everywhere you shoot, the course offers more than just pars and birdies.

Saints help golf course one

The Selkirk College Saints helped roll out the sod at the Kaslo Golf Club this past spring. (photo courtesy Daphne Hunter/Tradigital Studios)

As the course prepared for the 2015 season, one of the major capital upgrades required some strong backs and gritty work ethic. That’s where a group of Saints players stepped in.

It All Started with a Chicken

Dawn Lang is Selkirk College’s Community Education & Workplace Training (CEWT) Coordinator for the Kaslo area. Two years ago she got in on a Saints fundraiser called the Chicken Plop Contest.

Saints help golf course two

Saints sniper Ryan Edwards was one of the players who took the opportunity to help out the Kaslo Golf Club. (photo courtesy Daphne Hunter/Tradigital Studios)

Spearheaded by Paris Voykin, people were invited to buy squares and a cage was set up on the Castlegar Campus. A chicken was placed in the enclosure and the square the chicken “plopped” in won a full day of yard work from the Saints. When the chicken did its business, it was Lang’s square that was the winner.

Lang’s husband Rob is the president of the Kaslo Golf Club and when they redesigned their number-one tee box this spring they needed 5,000 square feet of sod put down. The Saints players traveled to the north end of Kootenay Lake to get the job done.

Thanks to a chicken and the strong backs of the BCIHL champion Saints, teeing off in Kaslo has never been sweeter.

See more photos of the project courtesy Daphne Hunter of Kaslo's Tradigital Studios.


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