Power Saint Ambassadors Issue Challenge

Effort Underway to Conserve Energy at Castlegar Campus


The Selkirk College Environmental Sustainability Committee is ramping up a challenge that will help reduce our environmental impact.

The college has been working hard to reduce its Green House Gas (GHG) emissions through improvements to infrastructure like the heating system, solar panels, energy efficient lighting and reduced gasoline consumption. The college has met and beat its GHG targets which is an achievement to be celebrated, but more can be done.

Sustainability contest

Now it’s our turn as staff and faculty to contribute to the goal of reducing energy consumption on the Castlegar Campus.

One of the biggest consumers of energy is the appliances in our offices. The fridges, microwaves and coffee makers not only take an environmental toll, but are a huge expense to the college. You can become a Power Saint by reducing your individual impact.

A recently completed energy audit of the entire campus turned up some interesting findings. Just to give you an idea of what was discovered in individual offices, here’s a breakdown: 42 kettles, 118 desk lamps, 16 fridges, 19 microwaves, 29 space heaters, five Keurig coffee makers, 19 printers and one toaster oven.

The committee has thrown out a friendly challenge to college staff in hopes of inspiring people to get rid of some of their appliances and joining colleagues in the new shared kitchen in Lower O-Wing. Each area of the college has been given a score and will be rated according to the percentage it improved. It’s like golf, the low net wins. Prizes—including massage chair minutes and FortisBC goodies—are up for grabs!

Here are the appliance ratings the number of points for each:

  • Fridge (5)
  • Microwave (5)
  • Traditional space heater (5)
  • Toaster oven (5)
  • Printer (5)
  • Keurigs coffee maker (4)
  • Coffee maker (4)
  • Kettle (3)
  • Desk lighting (2)
  • Ceramic space heater (2)
  • Reusable cup (-1)
  • Blanket (-3)
  • LED light (-5)

Over the next couple of weeks, Power Saint Ambassadors—Liana Zwick, Holly Shively, Allison Lutz, Milane Kutcher, Cara-Lee Malange and Jen Pascoe—will be coming around to talk to people individually regarding the goal of the Environmental Sustainability Committee to reduce our campus wide energy consumption. These conversations are intended to be informative and not a pressure tactic. The contest will run until the end of February.

A greener campus is a healthier and happier campus for everybody.


If you would like more information about the Environmental Sustainability Committee please contact Allison Lutz by email or phone (21276).