New Employee & Family Assistance Program Provider

Homewood Health Available for Selkirk College Employees in September


Selkirk College is moving to a new Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) service provider at the beginning of September.

On September 1, college staff will begin using Homewood Health which will replace current provider Shepell. Homewood Health is a Canadian company that has been providing high quality EFAP services for more than 32 years. Homewood Health is recognized for its clinical quality, professional standards and their ability to provide service excellence in the field of employee health and well-being.

New EFAP Provider

“We are very impressed with the range of services and reputation of Homewood Health,” says Michele Laurin, the college’s Pensions & Benefits Officer. “Staff and their families will be well served by this change.”

EFAP services are extensive and an employer-paid benefit. Through Homewood, staff is able to gain access to counselling and coaching for a variety of life balance and health issues. Examples include nutrition, lifestyle changes, weight management, smoking cessation, childcare & parenting, elder & family care, relationships, financial, legal, career planning, pre-retirement and workplace issues.

“I would really encourage staff to make sure they are aware of the long list of excellent services provided,” says Laurin. “This is a really important part of ensuring that Selkirk College is an employer of choice because these programs have the opportunity to improve life both at work and at home.”

Gaining access to the EFAP services is as simple as calling 1.800.663.1142. Homewood’s toll-free number is available 24/7/365. All employee participation is anonymous and confidential. The counselling can take place online, over the phone or face-to-face.

Employees needing EFAP services over the next few weeks should continue to contact Shepell (1.800.387.4765) and if currently engaged in Shepell services should let their counsellor know of the change so that a smooth transition can take place.

Go to the Homewood Health website to discover the vast amount of services that are available.

Access the Member Services Area of Homewood Health and view the online orientation video.

Homewood Health Overview

If you have any questions about EFAP or the upcoming change please contact Laurin in the Human Resources Department via email or phone (250.365.1231).