Music Students Set to Showcase Talents

Year End Concerts Take Place at Shambhala Music & Performance Hall


Music fans have the opportunity to experience seven nights of diverse genres and budding talent at the annual Selkirk College Contemporary Music & Technology Program showcase concerts.

Second year students have been working hard at putting together their final showcases that play an important role in educational journey at Selkirk College. Thorough preparation has been put into the showcases that begin March 17 at the Shambhala Music & Performance Hall on Nelson’s Tenth Street Campus.

music showcases 2015 - bass

Graduating students in the Selkirk College Contemporary Music & Technology Program--including Cody Munn (seen here in action at last year's showcase)--will be taking the Shambhala Music & Performance Hall stage between March 17 and 27 for their year-end showcase concerts.

"This is an important part of the education that students are getting,” says Selkirk College Keyboard Instructor Gilles Parenteau. “Putting together these showcases requires a lot of skills that the audience doesn't see. The preparation and planning is just as important as the final product on the evening of the show. Of course, getting to play in front of a live audience is an exciting opportunity for the students and a fine way to put the finishing touches on their education at Selkirk College."

Each performance major student is responsible for putting together a band of classmates and set list for their individual showcase. They are graded on the preparation and performance of their final showcase.

The shows are as follows (specialty/genre):

  • March 17: Spencer Belanger – piano/neo-classical
  • March 17: Ben Sefton – guitar/ original folk pop
  • March 19: Leala Spitler-Heidt – vocal & songwriter/acoustic groove
  • March 19: Trenton Fawcett – guitar & songwriter/folk rock
  • March 20: Leonard Pallerstein – guitar/R&B, blues, jazz
  • March 20: Cody Munn – bass/funk, R&B, jazz
  • March 24: Brennan Buglioni – drums/alternative rock
  • March 24: Jonathan Kwak – vocal/metal, rock
  • March 25: Paloma Pendharkar – piano/contemporary ethereal
  • March 25: Tenise Marie – vocal/folk, pop, rock
  • March 26: Eli Larsen – vocal/original ambient rock
  • March 26: Chris Anglin – guitar/original kaleidoscopic rock & roll
  • March 27: Franco Niro – guitar/original progressive rock

The doors open for the showcase concerts at 7 p.m. with the music starting at 7:30 p.m. Donations are kindly accepted.


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