Music Students Kick-Off the Holidays with Year-End Bash

Five Bands Will Bring Eclectic Mix to SpiritBar


Burgeoning Selkirk College talent will shine in an eclectic night of entertainment when Contemporary Music & Technology Program students hit the stage at Nelson’s SpiritBar on December 18.

The traditional Christmas Break Show features student-based bands that have been toiling for several weeks in preparation for a night that will throw a spotlight on talent and hard work. With only a few weeks left in the Fall Semester, students are ready to go out in style with an unforgettable night of diverse, rich and funky sounds.

Music Students Christmas Show

Students in the Selkirk College Contemporary Music & Technology Program are only a couple rehearsals away from the annual Christmas Break Show that takes place at Nelson’s Spiritbar on December 18. The five bands that will perform include first and second year students, many pictured here before their set at the Selkirk College Gala 2015 that was held at the end of November at Mary Hall in Nelson.

“Creating a show like this gives our students real life experience about what actually goes into putting on a show of this calibre,” says Selkirk College Instructor Laura Landsberg. “There is learning the music, but it goes well beyond that with the marketing and organizing of an event. I’m very excited and proud of what the students have created.”

Each of the five ensembles is joined by a Selkirk College instructor who has mentored and collaborated with the students over the last few months. The talent-rich instructors will be on stage with students for the vibrant night of eclectic music.

Five Different Musical Moods to be Created

The night begins with 30 Years of Miles who will bring some cool class to the evening. A jazz trio playing the music of Miles Davis, their performance will feature music from the 1950’s and 60’s. The trio is made up of Paul Landsberg (bass), Davis Yates (guitar), and Noah Bredl (drums).

Ensemble 13 will tear it up next with a soul-laced infusion of dance hall beats, chilled out treats, deep house vibes and trip-hop tribes. At one with the groove will be Abhijith Kishan (vocals), Michael Tylo (vocals), Kayla Turnbull (vocals), Aybars Savat (drums), Michael Ferrer (bass), Branden Green (guitar), Drey Bombardier (guitar), Devyn Kjorlien (guitar), and John Tucker (keys).

SoulTrain will unleash a powerhouse mix of classics and modern hits with the best characteristics of the rhythm & blues genre. From deep grooves, crisp guitar layers, and rich soulful vocals, they will truly be bringing down the house. SoulTrain is Laura Landsberg (vocals), Ami Cheon (vocals), Sallie Salcedo (vocals), Mitch Hahn (guitar), Ryan Mildenberger (guitar), Ana Carita Monaghan (violin), Blair Ferguson (bass), and Brodie Parachoniak (drums).

Also in the mix is Van Whalen, a group that will be rocking the music of legendary guitar bands like Rush, Van Halen, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The band ready to melt faces off includes Steve Parish (drums), James Verishine (bass), Clayton Whalen (guitar), Jon Harder (vocals), and Danya Van Besouw (vocals).

Trevor’s Disciples closes the great evening of music. With a nod to the past and a wink to the future, Trevor’s Disciples are a new age Biebercore dance band devoted to getting Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne back together. The disciples are Carmina Biolinao (vocals), Jon Kwak (vocals), Melody Diachun (vocals), Ash Pierce (guitar), Trevor Unruh (guitar), Andrew Yang (guitar), Anna Backus (keys), Lachlan Tocher (bass) and Mitchell Koch (drums).

The Year End Celebration Show starts at 9 p.m. (doors open at 8 p.m.) at Spiritbar in Nelson’s Hume Hotel on Friday, December 18th. The cover for the evening is $10 at the door and $5 for students. All proceeds from the evening will be going to the Nelson CARES Society Room to Live campaign which is creating affordable housing for people in Nelson’s downtown core.


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