Margaret Scaia to Receive Distinguished Alumni Honour

Selkirk College to Recognize Former Nursing Program Student


Selkirk College Nursing Program alumna Margaret Scaia has dedicated her professional life to the enhancement of education in her field and traces her passion for learning back to her days as a student in Castlegar.

Scaia began her career in nursing in 1994 when she enrolled in Selkirk College at the age of 40. Graduating in 1997—where she was awarded the distinguished Governor General’s Bronze medal for academic achievement—Scaia continued to pursue her education with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (UBC), a Master’s Degree from the University of Calgary and a PhD from the University of Victoria. Today she is a well-respected educator, known for her devotion to advancing the profession of nursing.

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A well-respected nurse educator and graduate of the Selkirk College Nursing Program in 1997, Margaret Scaia will receive the honour of Distinguished Alumni at the Graduation 2015 Ceremony on April 24.

“The philosophy of the community colleges to reducing barriers to higher education in rural areas, I really admire that. In my experience that philosophy lives at Selkirk College,” she says of the early beginnings of her post-secondary journey.

This Friday, Scaia will be on stage at the Selkirk College Graduation 2015 Ceremony on the Castlegar Campus where she will receive the honour of Distinguished Alumni.

“The personal connection that the instructors made between themselves and the students stands out,” she says. “They had an amazing way of marking your progress and they were all very proud of us. You had a feeling they were concerned about your progress and supporting it.”

The Selkirk College Graduation 2015 Ceremony will take place at the Castlegar Campus on Friday, April 24. Scaia will be joined on stage by fellow 2015 special award recipients John Armstrong (Distinguished Educator), Geoff Yule (Distinguished Alumni) and Alex Atamanenko (Honourary Diploma in Peace Studies).

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