Kisses Can Save You Money

Selkirk College Bookstore Running Fall Semester Promotion


Reaching into a bag of Hersey Kisses at the Selkirk College bookstore can bolster the bottom line for students checking off their Fall Semester textbook needs.

Bookstore Hershey Kisses

Until supplies last at the Castlegar Campus bookstore, students who purchase their books in-store will be eligible to save up to $100. As you check out, bookstore staff will ask you to reach into the bag and pull out a Kiss. If there is a coloured dot on the bottom, you will save between $5 and $100.

  • Red dot - $5
  • Yellow dot - $25
  • Blue dot - $50
  • Green dot - $100

The savings are for books only. Come in and get a Kiss and have a chance to save some cash.


For more information on the Selkirk College Bookstore please contact Samantha Steele.