Help Tell the Story of Selkirk College

Celebrating 50 Years Through Words, Photos and Memories


The countdown to the Selkirk College’s golden anniversary is on and there will be plenty of opportunities for staff to get involved in a number of different projects, events and activities in the coming months. It’s an exciting time to look back on our 50 years and look ahead to the next 50.

One of the initiatives that will take shape over next few months is a book project that will help illustrate the importance of post-secondary in our region and how Selkirk College has had a deep impact on so many lives over the last 50 years. The project is being led by Communications Coordinator Bob Hall, University Arts & Sciences faculty Takaia Larsen and Graphic & Creative Coordinator Marian Lowe.

50th Book Plea

The Castlegar Campus being constructed during the winter of 1965. This is one of many images being currently being compiled for the college's 50th anniversary and the search is on for more.

With a working title of 50 Stories for 50 Years, the coffee table-style book will tell the story of our history, our people, our places and our future. It will touch on the early beginnings, the colourful characters, the key moments and the important outcomes that make our community college so vital to the region.

The group is currently working on compiling stories/photos/memorabilia and would like your assistance. If you have a story to tell, a lead they can follow or a piece of the past to share… they want to know about it. It could be a tale about a former co-worker, an outstanding student, a stand-out moment or a vital contribution. If you have photos in an old album or some Selkirk College memento collecting dust in the basement… they want to take a look. The team wants to leave no stone unturned!

So please put some thought into how you can contribute to this important project. The sooner they hear from you the better.

You can contact Bob Hall at or 250.505.1324 and Takaia Larsen at or 250.365.1358.


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