Gala 2015 Provides Fundraising Opportunity

Committee Looking for Program to Step Forward to Help Organize Auction


The annual Selkirk College Gala is an opportunity to showcase the tremendous talent and spirit we have on all campuses. It’s a time to bring the community together for a special evening that helps boost the college’s image and raises funds for special projects.

Work has already started on Gala 2015 and the team putting the event together is looking for a school or program to take on the important task of coordinating the auction portion of the evening. This is an excellent opportunity to raise funds for your students, either in awards or project funding. It’s also a great chance to raise the profile of your program throughout the community.

Gala call for proposals

Before they were crowned three-time BCIHL champions, at the start of their season the Selkirk College Saints took on the task of the Gala 2014 auction... it worked out pretty well for them that night and on many nights to come. Be a champion for Selkirk College and get involved in this year's event that takes place in November in Nelson.

The Gala Coordinators are looking for a team of five to seven staff/faculty from one program to gather donations from the larger region for both the silent and live auctions. The coordinators will work with the program team to prepare a letter to donors and complete a plan for the auction. The proceeds from both the silent auction go towards the program which spearheads the effort.

Proposals should include: 

  • Program name
  • Number of volunteers
  • Team leader
  • What the funds will be used for

The Gala might seem like a long way into the future, but now is the time to start the planning for this important college event.

The Gala 2015 will take place in middle-November. Deadline for proposals is June 19th. If you are interested in taking on this important and exciting project please apply to Joleen Kinakin in the Community Relations Department.


Contact Joleen Kinakin at extension 21360 should you have any further questions.