Bursaries Provide Spark for Students

Annual Event at Nelson's Mary Hall Celebrates Student Success


Selkirk College bursaries have the power to change lives and embolden students to make it through the challenges that stand in the way of realizing their educational dreams. Earlier this month, students and donors gathered at Nelson’s Mary Hall for the annual Bursary Tea to celebrate the important financial awards.

As the first semester wound down in December, Recreation, Fish & Wildlife Program student David Greaves had more to worry about than final exams. With four kids under the age of 12 and one on the way, the second year student had the Christmas season to tackle and was hoping Santa Claus wouldn’t disappoint.

Bursary Tea wrap

Recreation, Fish & Wildlife Program student David Greaves (right) is one of the students to benefit from Selkirk College bursaries. Greaves and his partner Nicole Merritt (left) are finding ways to balance a young family with four children and the pursuit of educational dreams.

“I was stressed, I wasn’t sure we were going to make it through,” said Greaves.

At the Bursary Tea, Greaves told his story to the more than 240 students, donors and Selkirk College staff assembled for the annual event. Chosen to speak on behalf of students, Greaves talked about how the bursaries he received this year has helped him carry on.

“It gives you the incentive to do the best you can with it,” said Greaves. “Somehow the support will be there. If you work hard, it will be recognized.”

Each year, Selkirk College awards more than $300,000 in scholarships, bursaries and other awards. Bursaries are based on financial need and scholarships are awarded on academic merit.

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