A Shorter Walk to a More Promising Future

New Carpool Parking Spaces Encourage Sharing Rides


The Selkirk College Environmental Sustainability Committee is offering a little bit of incentive for those who are thinking about reducing their carbon footprint.

Five carpool stalls have been set aside which provide those who share rides to the Castlegar Campus a quick walk to their office and classrooms. This rockstar parking will be especially beneficial on blustery, rainy and snowy days.

Carpool signs

The carpool stalls are located just outside the A-Wing at the Castlegar Campus. The message in the sign says it all.

“The Sustainability Committee has an overall mandate to reduce Selkirk College's ecological footprint, so by reducing the number of vehicles coming to the college each day we are reducing the amount of carbon and pollutants we are putting into the atmosphere,” says Allison Lutz, chair of the committee. “It is also demonstrates that Selkirk College is an organization that cares about the environment and is working to make changes that reflect our environmental values.”

Becoming a carpooler is open to both staff and students. If you have a regular car pool group, you can register the vehicles, pay a $5 deposit for a window hanger that identifies you as a carpooler and have access to the priority parking spots. The signs went up at the start of September and there has been strong interest. As more people commit to carpooling, the committee will identify more spots.

The carpool stalls are just one of the projects the committee is working on.

“This fall we will be wrapping up our Power Saints project to raise awareness of the huge energy consumption and cost of office appliances on campus,” says Lutz. “We also have a project to put up perches on campus to create habitat for raptors and encourage the reduction of ground squirrel numbers on campus.” 

If you would like to get involved in the committee or find out more about their projects please contact Allison Lutz.

If you are interested in being part of the carpool effort please contact Holly Steenvoorden via email or at extension 21277.


Learn more about the Selkirk College Environmental Sustainability Committee.