A Celebration Fit for a Cherished Milestone

Take a Look Back at Graduation 2015


It was an amazing day for Selkirk College on April 24 at the Graduation 2015 Ceremony on the Castlegar Campus. College staff joined students, family, friends and supporters on what was a special day for everyone who attended.

More than 760 students graduated in certificate, diploma and degree programs in 2015 and more than 260 of them came out for the official ceremony to mark the end of an educational chapter of their lives.

Graduation 2015 wrap

The Selkirk College Communications Team helped document the occassion through words and images that all now live on and Facebook photo galleries. We have developed all the film (can you imagine... thank goodness those days are done) and you can now take a look back at the day that was and the days leading up to the big event.

Here's some links that will take you on a journey through Selkirk College Gradaution 2015...

A huge thanks to everybody who helped volunteer to make the day such a massive success. It was an day that made everybody proud to be part of this incredible Selkirk College community!


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