What Captains Need to Know for Grad 2014

Selkirk College Graduation 2014 Goes April 25 at 12:30 p.m.


Graduation is only a couple weeks away and the committee putting together the big annual event is working hard putting together the details. Please note that the new time this year for the ceremony is 12:30 p.m.

Volunteers in a number of areas are still needed to make this event a success. Please find out how you can help here.

Grad captains info

/media/myselkirkca/myselkirkforstaff/ourselkirk/news/2014/april/selkirk-college-graduation-myselkirk-captains-500x400.jpgFor those taking on the captain responsiblities, here are some important things to remember.

1. Please ensure that cell phones are turned OFF. If you have a purse or any other type of bag, please leave it in a locker or in your vehicle. We will not be responsible for items left in the classrooms and you are NOT allowed to bring anything into the gym with you.

2. Students must keep the information card given to them until Admission Staff request it.

3. The Captains will line students up numerically as per the information on the card. It is very important that students keep this. If they lose the card, their name may be missed at grad.

4. A staff member will come to your classroom at or shortly after 12:00 to advise your group to join the procession. Please stay in your room until this time.

5. Captains will lead students in correct numerical order to the corridor in front of the cafeteria/staff lounge. Students MUST remain quiet and in order with cards in their hands throughout this process.

6. The procession will march up the centre aisle in the gym following the ushers, and then as they get to the stage, the students will split into two lines.  Ushers will show them to their seats.  Students marching on the right go right and those marching on the left go left.  Students must remain in order throughout this time.

7. Speeches, announcements, etc., will take place and then the students will be called up to receive their certificate of participation. (Diplomas will follow by mail).

8. The students will be lead from their seats by admissions staff to line up behind the curtain. They will give their cards to admissions staff at this time. They are to stay quiet and in order at all times.

9. They will wait at the stairs at the back of the stage with the Campus Manager, and when they hear their name called will proceed up the stairs and onto the stage.

10. If they do not hear their name called, they are to let the Campus Manager know and she will inform the Dean.

11. When they go onstage, they will receive their certificate and shake hands with the dignitaries on the right. They then walk down the stairs and are congratulated by the School Chairs and faculty from their school.

12. The students must then take their seats AND STAY SEATED until the graduation ceremony is complete. Please show respect to the other students, their families, instructors and College Staff by remaining seated and quiet until the ceremony is over and you are ushered out.

13. At the end of the graduation ceremony, the piper will pipe the students out of the gym and to the front lawn of the College grounds for group pictures.

14. Immediately after group and student’s own individual picture taking, it is very important for grads to return their gowns to the gown room. Please do not take them home as this will result in an additional charge of $300.

15. Grad Tea will follow in The Pit.

Please see a diagram of the gym set up below.

Grad Ceremony Layout



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