Unwind at Staff TGIF at Finley's in Nelson

Early Semester Celebration with a Twist


Providing a well-deserved break from the bustle of a new semester, Selkirk College staff are getting together for a fun evening at Finley’s Irish Bar & Grill and inviting the community to join them.

On September 11, the college will host a TGIF fundraising event at the Nelson establishment that will help raise funds for a student from the African Peacebuilding Institute to come to the West Kootenay and attend the Peace Studies Program on the Castlegar Campus. The feature event for the night is karaoke where well known college staff will get the party rolling.

TGIF Fundraiser

“TGIF's are an opportunity for Selkirk staff to get together and have fun,” says event organizer and Selkirk College Instructor Randy Janzen. “So, why not combine ‘fun’ with a purpose? Karaoke is one of those events that makes many people nervous. But to come out and see your fellow staff go on stage and belt out a pop song, it's actually a lot of fun.

“This event is open to the public so it's also an opportunity for the public to see what we are doing at the college.”

An Important Partnership with Africa

The African Peacebuilding Institute is an annual four-week course in Johannesburg, South Africa that brings together community-based peacebuilders from all across Africa to take a crash course is skills such as mediation, trauma healing, conflict resolution, and learn about topics such as gender-based violence and reconciliation.

Most of the students that take part are already doing the work and lack formal training. Selkirk College Peace Studies Program students have the opportunity to participate alongside these grassroots activists and earn credit at Selkirk College. Past students have described the experience as amazing.

“To reciprocate the relationship, we offer one of the participants of the African Peacebuilding Institute the opportunity to further their studies here at Selkirk,” explains Janzen. “Issa Ebombolo from Zambia was here last fall. His contribution to our classes was exceptional. He had 10 years of experience working in peacebuilding activities, but did not have any formal education in the field.  He learned a lot and shared a lot of his practical wisdom.”

Join in With Selkirk's Top-Notch Talent

The evening is all about gathering community and colleagues for a celebration. Selkirk College staff taking the Finley’s stage to belt out some karaoke classics will include Pat Henman, Melody Diachun, Darren Mahe, Almeda Glenn Miller and more.

“Anyone interested in supporting education for peace is invited to come out and join us,” says Janzen. “Minors are allowed if accompanied by a parent and we hope to see a huge turnout.”

The Thursday night fundraiser gets underway starting at 6 p.m. at Finley’s Irish Bar & Grill (705 Vernon Street). The cost for the burger & beverage evening is $15.


Learn more about the Selkirk College Peace Studies Program and join us on Facebook.