The World Converges in The Pit in Castlegar

Annual Intercultural Fair Set for November 20


Selkirk College will be shrinking the world at the Castlegar Campus on November 20 when students and staff celebrate International Education Week.

Canada will join more than 100 countries from around world in marking the week which runs November 17 to November 21. Selkirk College will be hosting its annual Intercultural Fair in The Pit on the Castlegar Campus between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Culture Fair Japanese

Students from Japan set up this booth last year and will again be part of the Intercultural Fair this time around.

“The Intercultural Fair is an introduction about our country and culture,” says Cheng Liang (Len) Cheng, who is from Taiwan and participated in last November’s event. “We can get to know about different cultures. Also there is delicious food and interesting activities.”

The purpose of the event is for students, instructors and staff to learn more about some of the cultural groups that are studying at Selkirk College. It’s an opportunity for the international students to share where they come from with others.

“We get to tell about our culture with food and real things,” says Hwang Hui (Grace) Jeong, who is from South Korea. “Because everything is real, it is more interesting and people can see, taste and feel the real culture.”

International Presence Strong at Selkirk

Selkirk College has enjoyed an increase in international enrollment over the last few years. This year there are 311 international students studying a wide range of programs.

Culture Fair Indian

Last year Indian students dressed in ways that reflect their culture.

“I thought people were very interested by our personal stories and seemed to enjoy knowing more about us,” says Kanako Suzuki, a student from Japan who took part last year. “This made us happy because we could feel there are many people who have an open mind for international students. Face to face conversation is the most effective way to know each other.”

There will be displays, food and activities organized by the different cultural groups over the two hours. All college staff and students are welcome to come and learn more about these unique cultures.


For more information please contact Robin Trudel.