Students Encouraged to Take Flu Survey

GIS and Nursing Students Mapping Trends


Selkirk College students are embarking on collaborative research project exploring the influenza vaccine.

Selkirk’s Nursing Program has partnered with the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Program to do a study about why students do or do not receive the flu vaccine.

 GIS flu mapping

Using GIS is an important way to map health care trends.

“Using geography to map where—and possibly why—things happen, is a natural fit for epidemiology which focuses on the health of populations and determinants related to our health,” says Selkirk College GIS instructor Tracey Harvey. “In this study we will be using GIS to better understand trends in influenza vaccination preferences in the Kootenays to see how we compare with the rest of the province, and to possibly uncover determinants related to our choices. GIS will give us a picture of what's happening and being exploratory in nature, possibly point us to further lines of research to deepen our understanding.”

The data collected will be used for collaborative research to investigate students’ preferences, spatial patterns, trends and possible determinants related to the influenza vaccine. 

GIS students will further investigate related topics by attempting to map other data on where flu outbreaks have occurred over time and influenza vaccination rates over time in our province, with focus on the West Kootenay/Boundary area.

Let Students Know About Survey

The survey is accessible online to any Selkirk College student (aged 18 or older) from any of the Selkirk campuses between January 23 and February 3. 

The nursing students have asked to be invited into classrooms for five to six minutes to introduce the research and explain the process.

Participation is completely voluntary and information gathered is non-personal, for the use in this research only. 

Fill out the survey here.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact GIS instructor Tracey Harvey or Nursing instructor Linda Gomez.

The Selkirk College Research Ethics Committee – Human Participants has approved the methodology used for this project. If you have any concerns, please contact Paula Vaananen.


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